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Disturbing dream about Serious Sam

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Disturbing dream about Serious Sam

Postby Space and Time » Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:16 pm

Yes, this dream was based around Serious Sam, which happened to me many years ago.

For those who dont know what I'm refering to, Serious Sam was a classic shooter game, it involves you playing as Serious Sam himself, you have a large arsenal of powerful weaponary at your disposal to fight large armies of aliens and monsters that are being commanded by Mental. I have played all of the Serious Sam games ever since my early childhood, including the classics up to the HD remasters and Serious Sam 3, those are very very addictive games.

To move on to the dream, it began of a random scenery of a Road from Haifa to Rosh Hanikra (In israel), there 2 very large (About the size of a building) water banks. Later it switched to a scene where I'm picking some diary containing of Serious Sam moments photographs, until I reached a photograph of Serious Sam's twisted face with Red eyes, which scared me and I woke up screaming, note that this dream (Nightmare) happened to me in the middle of the day.
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Space and Time
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Dream Child
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Re: Disturbing dream about Serious Sam

Postby Gus Who » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:43 am

Another warning dream, ‘Serious Sam’ in which you ‘Bank’ on such ‘Pictures’ - basically your caught on a Sam matter.
(Given your location, i’d say you should think of all your options at this time)
Gus Who
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