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Post Apocolyptic Dreams

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Post Apocolyptic Dreams

Postby DED » Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:29 am

These dreams have been very sparsely recurring, i wouldn't call them recurring since they've only happened 3-4 times in the past 2-3 years and only the context is similar though the imagery can be different.
I remember that I have encountered zombie like figures twice in these dreams and in the dreams in which i haven't encountered them I remember wandering and hiding within an abandoned city though i can't confirm that it is the same location. In the two instances that i've seen these "zombies" they were malformed and clustered near eachother; one type of them were hidden in some valley of dirt between overhanging cliffs near an immense tower, they were pale white and only able to walk on all fours they also bared some tentacles that writhed about them but i couldn't distinguish much. In my Most recent dream last night I traveled in a graveyard that was also like a maze with some sections of tall white concrete walls that i periodically hid behind before moving on, the sky was a reddish orange and the clouds were grey and there were never any roads, trees, or plants just a layer of darker than usual grass. Walking downhill i reached a steep very tall cliff leading off into a narrow beach. Along this cliff was a shoddy rusted building which i entered, it was filled with them. They were on the lower floor, from the door i entered (though i don't remember entering it, i just looked at the building from a distance then i was inside from the entrance) i was standing on the upper "inside balcony" (scaffolding i guess, idk what to call it) which looped around the open room. The "zombies" I focused on were pretty much identical to the suiciders from dead island ( https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dea ... 0106193122 ) when trying to walk across to the door at the other side of the room they climbed up onto a broken section of this "inside balcony" which formed a ramp and i woke up before they neared me. I also noticed that i had had a silver shotgun in this most recent dream back at the graveyard but i either put it away or decided not to use it for some reason. Despite being threatened I'm not frightened by these zombies but i am weary of them.

I am not a socially it touch person so that could explain as much in terms of why everything is abandoned but why zombies? I don't find the concept greatly attractive, it's not my fantasy to be a survivor in a cliche setting though i did play quite a few games a while back of which my dreams evidently seem to take inspiration from.

I'd be interested in what meaning you can identify out of the details i've provided since i find some of it strange.
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