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dog died and husband didn't bury it right away

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dog died and husband didn't bury it right away

Postby dreamz13 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:37 am

This dream occurred on our current property in our waking life from what I can recall. I was walking around outside and noticed a tan/beige colored dog lying on the west side of the house on a small green, I'm thinking it was a tarp. The dog had been dead for about two days. It's head was lying facing west and feet to the south. The sun was shining and I believe it was around mid-day. I was kind of irritated that my husband had been busy doing other stuff and hadn't yet buried the dog. He was going to put it off again and I mentioned that I guess I would have to take care of it because I was afraid that especially with the sun shining the dog was going to begin to smell. Then he said he would take the time to do it.
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