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PLEASE HELP Strange Dream My Boyfriend Dies & I Have His Kid

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PLEASE HELP Strange Dream My Boyfriend Dies & I Have His Kid

Postby puteroricanmami » Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:55 am

Okay so i been having these strange dreams heres the deal my boyfriend has a kid already almost 1 year old. My boyfriend and i have been dating each other for 3-4 months we're starting to get really serious. We had sex i thought i was pregnant i took a test it came out negiative. I have been pregnant before with twins a boy and a girl, sadly i lost both of them to an immunology miscarriage. Every since i haven't been searching for someone to have kids with just pretty much let everyone know so it would be open. My boyfriend just made it clear that he doesnt want any more kids right now but he does want kids. I keep having these dreams that I am having his child. The dreams don't last long but the are frequent i have the stages of the pregnancy in my dream starting from me first finding out to having the baby and seeing the look on my boyfriends face and the tears fall down his eyes as he holds the baby for the very first time than i wake up. I thinks its pretty odd because he doesnt want another kid right now can someone help me please!!!!....

My second dream that is also a reoccuring dream about my boyfriend dying. I don't know why i've been dreaming about him a lot. I don't usually sleep when he's around he comes over late when he gets off of work and stays the night he sleeps but i kind of watch him sleep because he looks so peaceful and i want to make sure he is sleep. We see each other every other day almost so i stay up from 9pm-6am or 9pm-12pm sometimes when he is over. But anyway i've been dreaming that my boyfriend, my sister and I are on a bus i dont know exactly where its going but it's packed the driver is drunk he actually stops and talks to his girlfriend and says he's unsure to drive the bus because he doesn't want to kill everyone. He insist his self on driving the bus so he starts driving and drives off a cliff. The bus falls off a cliff into the water. Everyone escapes out of the bus except my boyfriend. He dies and all i can hear right before i wake up is the drunken bus driver calling my boyfriends name and saying richard richard i wish i could have saved you. This is also strange that the nights i have had this dream multiple times i have woken up to 1 missed call from my boyfriend and 1 text message can anyone please tell me whats going on???? :yikes

****I have been feeling distant towards him and that he is going to leave me that might help****

Re: PLEASE HELP Strange Dream My Boyfriend Dies & I Have His Kid

Postby vaxerman » Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:55 pm

this is hard to understand i think their is alot of conflicting emotions in you about having kids again. I think sex complicats alot of things and bring confusen into a relationship that doesnt a solid foundation. I believe the bus is life and people on it are people around you, i believe your are to worried about you boyfriend and he may need emotional space. This dream may also mean that you need to prepare yourself to lose him and be ready to move on. Dont get back on the bus until you know what the bus really is and why the people are on it.

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