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Diary of God

This forum is dedicated to topics of spirituality, spiritual growth, self awareness and religious beliefs. Share your ideas and insights on spirituality and personal enlightenment.

Diary of God

Postby manda3d » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:25 am

─ Play with kids, especially with girl, I felt a powerful love for a girl when I was a kid:
        Impossible because I'm ugly and no feeling when I play, I’m too old, I'm 30.
─ Play games such as Tomb Raider:
        Impossible because my laptop was stolen.
─ Buy foods, kind of food like on the image is my favorite:
        Impossible because wasting money.
─ Watch movies such as Disney Tomorrowland:
        I cannot because I’ve watched all.
─ Sleep on bed but cannot dream like I was young:
        True, I’m so sad.
─ Watch YouTube Videos because don’t know what to do:
        True, but I'm bored.

Dear Dream, my current life has no meaning anymore :'(


I dreamed about the movie Harry Potter based on true sad story
Dear my new future girlfriend, I have to tell you that Miley was married on 12/23/18.
Harry Potter = Me, Hermione = Miley, Ron = Liam who is her husband, they got married on 12/23/18.
The true love of Harry Potter is Ginny.

Revelation 13 NIV - The Beast out of the Sea - The dragon
─ Beast = Me who committed blasphemy but I'm truly sorry.
─ Sea = My soul will be transferred across the sea to a new body in USA, and I talk about boat and sea in my other thread.
─ Dragon = End of Time in California on 11/11/18, there was a big fire like a dragon fire (Thread Part 3).

The Number of the Beast 666:
─ End of Time happened exactly on 11/11/18 and 18=6+6+6 and 666=II (Base 36=18+18).
─ My 30th birthday is 12/14/18, it's 11+11+11=33 days after the End of Time 11/11/18.
─ I was born "11 days before Christmas Day, 11.1 years before the year 2000".
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