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Troubled lunch

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Troubled lunch

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:34 pm

I was in a work setting. At lunch time, I went to the cafeteria. It consisted of a small food marketplace. There were a few windows that resembled cashiers at a gas station in a bad neighborhood. The people behind the windows just blankly stared out. I thought they were cashiers so I took a few items to one of the windows and noticed there was no counter or opening were I could put my items or even pay. The person behind the glass looked irritated and point to the end of the row of windows. I walked down there and there was a self checkout with very little instruction. I scanned the items. Then it instructed me to scan my employee card. I wasn't sure what it was talking about. I pulled out my badge for the time clock and tried to scan it, but it doesn't have a barcode.
At this point, I have up and decided to just go get lunch. I was in the car with two other people. I was in the front passenger seat. Somehow, my brother ended up the in the back seat. I don't know who was driving. My brother stated that he was having trouble with lunch too. He had tried to place an order for delivery, but his food never arrived even though they charged him.
I decided I would call that place, make a complaint about my brother never getting his food, and also make an order for pickup so that we could deal with his issue and get lunch in one go. I called, someone picked up, but then they did not answer. They just held the phone. I tried saying something. I could hear breathing, but still no words. I became agitated and said something bitter. I could hear some laughing in the background as if it were on speaker and they thought it was funny to just not answer the phone. So decided to inform them that I would be calling corporate office to report them. This finally merited a response. Unfortunately, my brother decided that this seemed like an appropriate time to start talking so I missed what the person on the phone said. I turned to my brother to tell him to be quiet then asked the person on the phone said. The person on the phone answered, but my brother also repeated what he said. I yelled at my brother to shut up because I couldn't hear the person on the phone. I tried again. The same thing happened again. At this point I yelled at my brother and really layed into him for his stupid actions. When I was done and thought my brother finally got the message to stay quiet, I tried to talk to the person on the phone again. They had hung up.
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