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Double dream

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Double dream

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:50 pm

I had two dreams in a row and I don't recall any connection nectar the two.

In the first, I was at work. I had been given a job offer from a competitor in exchange for information from my employer. At first, I outright refused on moral grounds. But then I found out the information they asked for was not protected proprietary information. All I had to do was print it off. I hadn't decided what to do with it yet, but I did print it off. I immediately got caught doing so. My supervisor asked for what I printed and asked why. I said that I only did it out of curiosity because of things going on at work recently. He implied termination, but when I asked about being fired for printing public information he said that he was only joking and that I wasn't in any trouble. I remember the design of where I printed it had a lot of glass. Idk if that is a significant detail or just a coincidence because my factory makes window frames. I also vaguely remember a tornado and a different location, but nothing else about that.

In the second dream, I was in the city. I was in some sort of small club that was overcrowded. I was trying to get from one side near the entrance to the other. I think I was trying to reach somebody, but never made it there. Every time I went to go around the pool table, a young and attractive Latino woman in a tight dress backed up. I tried to back out of the way all the way until my back was against the wall, but she kept backing up without looking until she pressed against me. Then finally she would turn and go the other way. I would try to hurry and get through, but she is younger and fitter than me so she would end up back in my way before I could get there. Then she did it again. After a few times, she finally acknowledged my existence as she grabbed me by the crotch of my pants and dragged me forward. Her Latino boyfriend (someone younger, more attractive, and in much better physical condition than me) said something to her in Spanish that I didn't understand because I don't speak Spanish. He was then friendly towards me. Next thing I know, the three of us are walking out of the club together. Those two are talking to each other in Spanish so I can't understand. But I figure out based on the laughter and hand motions that they are making fun of me and in particular she is making fun of what she felt when she grabbed my pants. I proceed to acknowledge that it really was a small as she described and that I am a grower and not a shower. As I was stating that it is bigger when I need it to be, someone else yelled to us. Apparently it was some friends of these two. It was a young couple of people with a baby. I sat down next to the baby while they talked. I was planning on interacting with the infant, but the first thing it did was fall over on me with a mixture of milk and mucus coming out of its mouth. At first, I thought no big deal because I have two kids. I've dealt with messes when they were babies. But when I was cleaning myself off, this baby started leaking this combination of milk and mucus out of its mouth, then it's nose, then it's eye, and finally half of its face was covered in nastiness. I decided to run. For a moment I hesitated and thought about coming back. But I thought about all the interaction I have had with all these people and decided that none of them were worth it. I continued running. I heard the baby start crying because I ran away and I hurt its feelings I guess. But I kept running. I ran all the way around the city block back to the entrance of the club where I started. I was going to finish whatever business brought me there in the first place, but my alarm went off and I woke up. I have no idea why I was in that club or who I was trying to reach on the other side.
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