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The Lucid Demon

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

The Lucid Demon

Postby Future Dreams » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:44 am

It's been awhile since I've posted on here, however this experience was a bit different than my typical lucid dreams.

Last night I was enjoying a peaceful an relaxing lucid dream experience, I was in a small attic which was similar to my room as a child. Which included posters on the wall, toys and games littered the floor. Under a dimly lit light I was seated in a bean bag chair enjoying a snack and watching cartoons on a small color television.

As I'm watching tv I noticed for a split second that an image of the all seeing eye flashes on the screen. I grabbed the remote in an attempt to rewind what I had just saw. Before I have the change the lights had flickered an a small, black demon creature that resembled a four legged animal is crawling up the wall behind the tv.

At this time I believe my dream had been invaded by this creature, it was unaware I noticed before I lunged at it in attempt to catch it. It ran as it realized I could see it, after chasing it I was able to grab it. I started to choke it an squeeze it trying to kill it, unable to get a proper handle on the create slipped through my fingers and vanished into the tv.

However in the process It dropped an opal gem from squeezing it, it glowed of yellow an orange, at this time I had woken from the dream.

Now I've experienced a number of dreams and nightmares, however I've never had a lucid or vivid dream invaded by a demon or creature before, yet alone attacked a demon creature. I've done a little bit of looking into demon meaning, but is seems a bit different than the common occurrence. I did find an artical on something called the sacred no, now from what I can tell it's not talked about much as demons aren't suppose to manifest in lucid dream (I'm probably wrong).

I guess at this time I'm more confused than anything, any input in this matter would be much appreciated.
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Future Dreams
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Part Time Dreamer
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Re: The Lucid Demon

Postby MrMr1992 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:24 am

From my experience, demons/bad spirits can very well enter your dreams. I don't know what the requirements for such an intrusion are, we're also relatively unaware which dimension we enter when we start lucid dreaming. Had an unwelcome visitor myself some years ago, which was part of a much bigger problem; he kept popping up, wasn't very nice.

Is there anything negative going on in your life or in your house that would add to this? Could be some spirit has attached itself to you; it may be worthwhile to burn some incense and smudge yourself and the house if you want to forestall such stuff in the future.

Just my two penneth worth, perhaps someone else offers more/different advice; good luck to you :-)
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Dream Child
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