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Free the pets!

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Free the pets!

Postby Stefy1925 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:56 am

So I dreamed that I was living next to this family, and I had a whole other family of my own (made of kids and teens who were foster). Anyways, it looked like we were always in competition. So we had a lot of pets. Birds, dogs, everything. And we had fun with them. But then I got home and I saw that they were all in a cage. A very tight and cluttered cage. Inside the cage was a huge red snake. Looked very evil. And inside the cage was another little cage with a lot of slimy green snakes. I was yelling that we needed to save the pets, because those snakes would eat them. I managed to let
A puppy loose and he ran out. Then I grabbed the little cage and it had the birds inside with a lot of skinny snakes and I legs trying to pry it open. I went to the door and one green bird flew out and went away. Then someone looked at me as if I was in trouble for letting the bird fly away. And I responded “it was my bird, I’d rather have it fly away free then to see it get eaten,” and I woke up.
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