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So many emotions..

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

So many emotions..

Postby Dreaming1 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:05 pm

This dreams starts out with me overseas visiting my aunt in Normandy, France. I have been here before with my cousins. There are 5 of them and they are all girls either married with children or getting there. My mom is with me as well.
So here I am already aware that they is this guy that my mom and my aunt know about and his family (this is irl as well). In fact, they grew up with his family and know they are good people. The guy lives overseas as well and is graduating in International Affairs. He is very sweet, shy and smart. In parts of my culture, some families do arranged marriages. With this, I do not have to in any way marry him if I don't want to but we can talk and if there is something there we can go with it. I have talked to him but there is no connection there other than good friends.

In the dream, I am introduces to some family of my aunt's I didn't know before and there is one guy that stands out to me. He is about 24, has an education, great personality and looks and is my religion as well. Him and I spend a couple days hitting it off and he takes me all over Normandy. I am always having a good time with him and laughing and I know irl no one has done this with me. One day I walk into the living room at my aunt's house looking for him and I stumble into my aunt and mom talking about my cousins. I listen in to them a little but don't pay too much attention and remind myself to talk to my mom about it later.

Then I realize that that night there is a family dinner. Suddenly I'm at the dinner and I know there are others there but my focus is on the guy I'm low-key dating even though we haven't made it official, my aunt, the guy they want me to be with (let's call him X) and my mom. My aunt is asking X what he is doing in school and his accomplishments clearly wanting me to be impressed with it. I am genuinely impressed with his success and show it but there is still no connection. Instead my attention drifts to the man I want to be with. He is clearly bothered but I don't say anything. I am quite until he gets up to leave without saying a word. I follow him and out and he leaves to go to bar next door. I am not familiar with the place but it looks so tropical as if I just walked into the Bahamas at night.He quickly takes enough shots till he's not thinking straight but not wasted.

I never seen him like this but I don't care.I want to calm him down and just as I hug him, he relaxes. His face still shows how upset he is but I reassure him that it's him that I want. Before I know it he turns me around and wraps his arms around me cause he knows how much I like that. Just then, I immediately relax in his arms and want to stay like this forever. He then proceeds to kiss the side of my neck and its even more exctacy. I turn around and after one final look in his eyes his lips come crashing on mine. I then realize how long I've wanted him. We are hungry for each other as we make out and suddenly I realize we are in a public bathroom and I ask myself why am I doing this in such a dirty place. There are people around us washing their hands but no one pays attention to us or shows disgust. Soon though, I am against the door as he continues his assault on my neck while caging me between his arms and all other thoughts are shut off. I open the bathroom door and we only undress each other to pull our pants off slightly. As soon as I feel his erection against me I realize what's about to happen and I quickly say "wait". I look him in the eyes and he slowly comes back to his senses. I am not upset with him or this, but so many emotions go through our eyes. One question goes through my head; "Are you ready?".

And that's the end of the dream. I don't know what this means but irl, it has been a year since I have gotten out of a horrible relationship. I took that time to focus on school and better myself. Recently I met a guy that I started to like mainly because he challenges me. The downside to him is that I can tell he would be quick to getting in bed with me. I am not complaining as it definitely wouldn't be boring but he has too much pride to just call and ask how I am. We haven't talked in weeks and I am definetley not gonna swallow my pride and call him if he can't do the same. But this dream had so many emotions and so much to process so if anyone has any ideas they are welcome :blowingkisses:
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