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The Red Wedding Pool Party

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The Red Wedding Pool Party

Postby Periwinkle » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:06 pm

A lot of time has passed between when I initially had this dream to now, so the sequence is kinda fuzzy. Here are the parts I remember:

I took a vacation to a seedy city famous for its giant waterfall (Niagara Falls, maybe?). The city felt mostly abandoned. I was hoping there was some kind of shopping center or park where I could sight-see, but I noticed right away that the stores surrounding my hotel mostly consisted of mannequins - literally stores where they just sold mannequins. Many of the mannequins stood in the entrance ways, in various style of clothes. Some were dressed in the usual street fashion. Others were wearing costumes. It was also evident that these mannequins were collected over a series of decades. One of the mannequins had a very 1970s-looking horseshoe mustache. I felt an ungodly paranoia just standing outside the stores and decided, instead, to stay in the hotel.

On one particular night, the hotel was hosting some kind of pool party in honor of the city's police force. Among the police officers was Jill Valentine. This party, in actuality, was a ploy to assemble the police in one concentrated area to wipe them out. Once all the police officers were in the water, hotel staff unleashed fleets of sharks and some sort of tentacled monster with blades along its appendages. This monster grabbed Jill Valentine, ripped her to shreds, starting with her sex organs, and threw her remains over the waterfall. Some people climbed out the pool only to be trampled. I managed to escape the natatorium with a couple other people. We ran a couple floors down to one of the indoor parking lots to collect ourselves and come up with a plan to get rid of the monsters. I had a feeling we would be successful in this endeavor, but that it would take a long time and that many lives would be lost in the process.

A couple days later, there was another pool party. This time, it was in honor of the military. At this point, my POV switched to a girl (about age 16) who was also staying in the hotel. Her younger brother had died the day of the party. She knew how much this party meant to him and wished to bring him - so much so that she inflated his corpse, attached a string to his ankle and brought him with her. At some point, the balloon corpse became sentient. It separated itself from the sister and floated its way around the natatorium, infecting everyone it came into contact with. The POV of the dream changed back over to me and I looked on in horror as people began to inflate and burst all around me. The dream ended as I assumed the duck-and-cover position.
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