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Pain in my dream

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Pain in my dream

Postby Caitlin36 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:11 pm

A few days ago in my dream I was on stage and in front of some people. So next thing I know there was Chucky (the doll) then I got a flash of a guy that got stabbed through the upper back and out through the chest with a thick pole. I guess he was important to me, Chucky knew him too (So I think Chucky killed him). Then suddenly I was on my back and telling Chucky to stab me through the back just like the other guy. So he had a fence pole with a sharp arrow on it but instead of using the sharp end he used the other side which was flat. Then againsted the upper back of my spine he slowly pressed down (this is when I felt the pain) I felt my spine bend and then I heard a pop and the sensation of tingliness and numbness went down my back and arms. But not my legs it was just my torso and my arms, the pain felt almost to real. Why did I feel all of that? Is it normal?
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