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Violent and Disturbing

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Violent and Disturbing

Postby ParadoxBrother » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:37 pm

I've run out of options when it comes to my situation, I'm afraid to talk to anyone else close to me about the things I've seen in my dreams. So far they've come in three, but somewhat similar forms. Each one is violent and disturbing, it's something I'm fearful of with my mentality. In the dreams that grow violent, when I am committing the acts, I have satisfaction; when I wake up, I feel sickened. If it would help, I think describing the dreams in as much detail as I'm able to remember. These might not be the actual events that happen in the dreams, and they're loose at best.

Dream 1
The dream starts out in the entrance to my neighborhood on the bike path that lines the road, it's almost night outside and the street lamps are on. I'm alone in the beginning, and I'm walking out to the main road that my neighborhood branches off from. When I'm almost there, two young boys that are middle school aged approach me from behind yelling insults at me. One of them is my friend's brother, who will be called Dave for the sake of keeping his identity a secret. There is another boy with Dave who I never knew the name of, but he looked very similar to Dave. I remember feeling a burning hatred when I saw them, and only growing angrier when Dave was telling me I shouldn't be out alone and that I should just go home. At first, I ignore them and turn away to continue to walk away. There are no cars and no one else with me, only the two boys. Eventually, they get left behind and I'm walking along the bike path, time doesn't seem to pass but I soon make it to a dip in the road that has a small ravine of rocks to the side. Dave and his friend are there again, taunting me as they climb up the small hill the path is on. At this point, I get fed up, and I lash out at them. The first thing I do is I throw the other boy to the side and he slams on the ground. But despite this, Dave is still taunting me. Out of rage I grab him by the throat and slam his head onto the asphalt, now he has started screaming which only drives me to do more. I pick him up by his shirt and throw him down into the shallow ravine, I can hear his skull crack on the rocks and then it's silent again. I watched him bleed for only a moment before I decided to go home and began to walk back before I woke up shaking and breathing heavily.

Dream 2
I was in a city surrounded by people, I never noticed anything odd or strange about them but I don't remember seeing any of their faces. There was a woman who was with me, she was young and beautiful. I felt fond of her, and I admired the way the lights danced on her fair skin. She never smiled, at least I don't think she ever did. I remember her being distant and she sat perfectly like she was trying to be a statue. I never felt aggression, at least not directly. At some point, I had grabbed her arm and gripped it tightly, and I began clawing at her skin until she was bleeding. No one stopped me, I just continued to punch and claw at her until some man came up to me. He was handsome, and I felt fond of him as well. He took my hand and led me away from the girl, who only watched us. This man was something of an idol, I never knew his name. Something about him made me think he was amazing, I wanted to be in love with him. Something he had done made me think otherwise, and I thought to myself, "I thought he was an incredible person, and I end up with this *ssh*le". This is when my rage returned, and I started to beat him as well. This time, instead of clawing at him, I started to bite him. His flesh felt real, but not in a sense that was like biting into someone's skin. It felt like I was biting into some fabric, except when I bit down and felt pain. When I clenched my teeth into his "fabric skin" again I awoke suddenly once again breathing heavily. The pillowcase was partially in my mouth, there was drool where my head had rested.

Dream 3
This is perhaps one of the most disturbing dreams I've ever had so far, at least out of dreams I can recall. In this dream, I took on two consciousnesses, a man, and a woman. In the beginning, I am the woman, young and sweet. I was at a party, or somewhere where there were other people. There wasn't any drinking, I refused any offer that was given to me. There was a lot of food at the party, a lot of my favorite food. Somewhere in the group, there was a small gathering of maybe four men, and I was one of them as well as the woman. He was quiet, I was quiet, I didn't want to be there. The woman who was me was starting to fade from my control as soon as I saw her through the man's eyes. At some point, I was no longer the woman, and I felt the familiar rage boil up inside of me. Later I had brought the woman to some other room with the other men, and we beat her and stripped her bare. Her skin had bruised so easily, it only made me want to hurt her more. The other men helped me tie her down, tying her legs to her wrists with leather strips so she was exposed. I remember her sobbing and begging for us to stop, even though she didn't really fight back. It wasn't long before I began to violently rape her, beating her as I did and getting immense pleasure from the act. Sometime during that, I woke up in a cold sweat, and I started to have a panic attack. I was so scared of my dream that I couldn't fall back to sleep and spent the rest of the night in a half-sleep where I would wake up after a brief period of no thought. I can still hear her screaming even now, it's something I want to forget.

I'm not a violent person by any means in the waking world. The act of rape and abuse repulses me and just the thought of hurting someone like that makes me afraid. I don't know what these dreams mean, and I fear that they will continue to occur in this nature. If there's any other information I can provide about myself, I would be happy to share what I can if it helps to find out what these could mean. Any answers that can be supplied will be of great help.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Violent and Disturbing

Postby lukiusjohn » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:40 am

i wonder if it has something to do with a morbid transgression in your family tree, im sure all of our family lines have them here and there, but it almost seems like an evil source code(spirit) sees you as a home, claim the Blood of Jesus on these family roots or slowly enter the madness, ... ?!

it is not in the bible , but it is called the Gospel of Thomas, or something, but in it, i do not know it's spiritual validity or anything, but it states something like " blessed is the man who consumes a beast and remains a man, cursed is the man who consumes a beast and becomes a beast" ... not sure that i am portraying it right, but i think the picture is there.

i have anger issues, a lot of people assume i am super laid back but sometimes i get highly agitated and snap, usually its harmless, but we have to know that every condition we have is probably shared by someone else on a more extreme level, i would recommend respecting the nature of the thing, and bringing it out in the light at least with your thoughts to God. if it is an underlying nature , and if you can get a hand on it, it may be something you can use for your benefit or that of others, if it is something evil that needs to be renounced that might be something that needs to be taken into consideration.
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Dream Seeker
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