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Gazebo And Cryptic Clue ..

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Gazebo And Cryptic Clue ..

Postby aussie_musician » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:35 pm

Dream From Dec 31 '17:
the location, what i see of it, is not known.
a mate and i arrive at, or set up our own camp area, somewhere.
it could be a few metres from a highway, or we have stopped at a rest stop and camped close to it.
my mate does something, as in set up some stuff.
as he does that, and i do something as well, i hear Ashley H, talking to himself.
so, i go over to him, and see that he is standing against a car.
i step close enough to him, that i'm just out of arms reach to him.
i ask him has he ever been bashed before.
puzzled, he says no.
i tell him that will happen to him soon.
and then i step away to my left, and walk away from him.
as i walk away from him, and continue with my stuff, i think about what i said to him.
not that i care that i said to him either.
its a relief i said it to him.
as i go back to our camp stuff, i then see a gazebo has been set up.
some people are sitting under it, and just outside of it.
seems our camp has been dissolved, and that we have been joined by some other people.
i have no idea who they are.
and not that they have taken over.
just seems a bit odd, that we were setting up our camp, only to discover other people have joined us and that nothing has been said about it.
whether these people are tourists, a church group, some other social group, i don't know.
there is no signage or anything to indicate who these people are.
thats fine, i'll just go along with it.
where i sit, is at the back of the gazebo.
there are people seated to my right, and some to my left, sort of in front of me.
a young woman, is seated to my right.
i do notice, that some people are walk around as well.
apparently they have been given clues, to go look for something.
there are couples, and there are individuals.
a woman, at this gazebo, who seems to be the leader, tries to talk to us.
i can see her on a laptop screen, but the sound is muted.
the laptop is to my right, on the other side of the gazebo.
i get up to have a look, but a young guy is at the laptop, to get the sound.
he does get it unmuted.
i was hoping it would be a sound desk.
stupid technology.
so i sit back down.
the woman, who is speaking, could be to my left, and just out of view, opposite me, at the other side of the gazebo.
there is a woman sitting in the gazebo with some other people.
i see her side on, and she is wearing a red buton shirt.
not sure she is interrupting the woman who is speaking, but she does say "about my wife".
pfff, what?
is she a lesbian?
and then another woman, who is seated to my right, also says "about my wife".
another lesbian?
am i the only one seated here, who heard that?
i guess the people seated here are paired together.
well, the woman seated immediately to my right, we go together, to do what the other people, who are walking around, are doing.
we both run (steadily), up a grass area, around to our right, and onto a thin wooden pier thing.
and then down some steps, to the grass again.
there are two grey cordless phones on the ground.
she picks one up.
as she does, that male actor from the heath ledge movie of jousting, appears from my right.
he tries to pick up the other phone.
well, the woman i'm with, picks up one of the phones.
she puts the phone to her right ear and listens.
then she says to me, or i ask her what she heard.
the cryptic clue is something like this:
"it can be (or is) warm in winter, but its not summer".
or, "its not summer, but it can be warm in winter".
or, "just like summer, it can be warm in winter".
hmmm, that is cryptic.
and then she has another listen.
there is either no more clues, or she hears one but doesn't share it with me.
after that, and where we are, it appears we are standing out the front of that church, along newcastle link road in jesmond, opposite the park.
she asks me did i get anything for her birthday.
er, no.
well, according to her, its today or tomorrow (what seems to refer to jan 30/31 '18).
duh, i didn't know.
i'm standing at an indoor table or something, when she asks me.
and then she tells me, perhaps jokingly, that she is not enrolled to vote.
or not registered to vote.
well she better get that done.
i thought she looked like rosamond pike, but she may look like that blonde chick from mayfield subway.
not quite like her, but almost.
and she is wearing a blue short sleeved tee, with a pic, like that of the hit 106.9 logo on it.
and she is giggling.
i tell her that we are not meant to meet like this.
she is supposed to come to my place.
that the birds fly away, and everything goes silent when she arrives.
and i indicate that to her, with my hands, like that of rain falling.
dream ends.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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