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My horoscope said I would be having vivid dreams !

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

My horoscope said I would be having vivid dreams !

Postby dreamgirl697 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:32 pm

Last night I had a very strange and clear vivid dream. I woke up from it and immediately wrote everything down. It was long and detailed. These are the exact notes (minus the real names of people):

At Great Escape Indoor Water Lodge. No one wants to swim with me. In dark room for most of day. Go downstairs with Mom - lots of our laundry in stairwell from when she was bringing it down. Me mad at her for this. *Girl 1* is looking for her pants - I have them because they were in our stairwell laundry pile. Get to lobby - looks like Grammie's old apt lobby but it's still the indoor water park. Go to bed - still haven't gone swimming like I wanted. Wake up next day - still want to go swimming but Dad says we are going for a drive. Indoor water park lodge is attached to a hospital - I am supposed to get my trachea removed?? That why we stayed overnight at water park. In parking lot - having panic attack - do not want this surgery. Besides I have eaten in the last 12 hours so I can't have surgery anyway. Dad says "but you knew about the surgery" but I didn't??? Dad agrees to reschedule surgery - I run out of car. In a garden trinket donut shop thing with *current boyfriend* - I tell him no surgery and about panic attack - doesn't care, leaves, I follow. It's dark out - following him along the side of buildings on a street. Buildings have yucky rotten mold slime stuff coming off them - yucky dripping stuff falling from awnings. *current boyfriend* texting *girl 2* about meeting up - I ask why they are doing that - "I can get any girl I want I don't need you" me sad obviously cry. Chasing *current boyfriend* over hills plz come back. Stops running - Dad pops out from across the street behind a phone booth "I heard that." Me and *current boyfriend* get into Dad's car - *ex boyfriend* is in there?? Dream me and half me say what the f*** gross. Get back home - sit in den - watching TV on floor with *current boyfriend* - everything seems to be OK again except for the fact that *ex boyfriend* is sitting on the couch ????? *Boy 1* messages me on tinder and says sorry for being so shy around you - I show it to *current boyfriend* and we laugh - he wants to send a pic of himself because it's funny and "they are friends" - laughing because it's a weird message. We click on *boy 1* profile pic to figure out who is in it since it's a really tiny thumbnail - it's a nude pic of me and *current boyfriend* kissing at a podium booth on a stage with a red curtain in the back ??? But we don't really react just go back to the tv. I take an ugly selfie - I have my roommate's butt chin it it - I am posting to instagram with a caption like "when ur hanging with ur ex bf and current bf at the same time but don't give two shits about ur ex. Tired and want him GONE" - showing *current boyfriend* - somehow *ex boyfriend* sees - boo hoo cry baby is upset as per usual - gets up from couch putting jacket on to leave - *current boyfriend* is concerned ??? Wtf *current boyfriend* don't be a loser too. I go to sunroom for a drink. Mom is grocery shopping dad is watching TV but there are a crazy amount of full grocery bags all over kitchen. *ex boyfriend* leaves thank u Jesus. *current boyfriend* walks outside - white Jeep parked in road at end of driveway - driver is a mix of *high school girl 1* and *high school girl 2.* *current boyfriend* gets into front seat I get into backseat they are flirting I am starting to cry. We haven't pulled out of driveway yet. My dog is on front deck. Gate is open. He's ready to charge. I bolt out of car. He doesn't even have a chance to get down the stairs before I put him back inside. Get back into car. *high school girl* says "*current boyfriend* do you want more chapstick* and is insinuating that they are going to kiss again. I slap her. My dog is at the open gate again. But I closed it ??? This time he gets down the steps but I get him back in. Go back to car. *current boyfriend* and *high school girl* getting too touchy. I slap her again *current boyfriend* yells at me i am crying. My dog is at the open gate (that I closed) again but this time he actually gets away. *Current boyfriend* and *high school girl* use this as an opportunity to start pulling the car away but I snatch up my dog, get him inside, bolt to car and somehow get in. Damn I am hardcore slapping *high school girl* across the face and somehow the car is still driving. Seems I'm a little territorial. We get to her house for her 24th birthday party. In *neighborhood* - but it's not actually *neighborhood* bbut I've been to this neighborhood in another dream before idk where it actually is - maybe from a movie a long time ago ?? She pulls into garage - in real life it's my garage from *old house.* Looks the exact same with all the things in it and smells the same. We are arguing inside. They tel me mean things *current boyfriend* doesn't need me I am so sad. I finally get *current boyfriend* to leave with me but he's very reluctant he is angry and annoyed and is just walking home with me so he can make sure I'm gone. Walk down big hill through all of *high school girl's* landscaping. Pass *girl 3* on the way. We are walking I am on instagram. *girl 3* is at a baseball game on instagram. Must have gotten over in time for *high school girl's* bday party. still crying tho lol. Being lectured on how much cooler *high school girl* is and how I need to apologize to her for the way I acted. I am trying to say but you're supposed to be with me you did this in front of me I'm not wrong but he is hearing nothing. We have to walk down *road* to get home - the apartment cut through is this weird plateau dirt kind of thing - I have also been here in another dream but idk what this is in real life. We are suddenly on *road* near my aunt's. *current boyfriend* is leaving me I am so upset crying being lectured.

3:15am I woke up with my heart racing the same way it was in the dream from being so upset. Girls 1 and 2 are acquaintances from college but have no relation to each other. In fact, girl 1 wouldn't even be considered a friend. Boy 1 is someone my best friend hooked up with a few times this past semester. High school girls are people that I wasn't even friends with and never even talked to in high school. Girl 3 is someone from college that my boyfriend had hooked up with one time prior to our relationship. Girl 3 has no relation to high school girl so I'm confused why she would be attending her bday party. This dream was all over the place and I have no idea what it could mean.

I graduated from college this past semester, but my current boyfriend still has another semester there. We don't live near each other at home, so it has turned into a distance relationship. Over the past year, we spent a lot of time together so the distance is a big adjustment. Before the semester ended, he became much more lovey, and I still have many friends up at school, so I don't think he would actually cheat on me. (However, whenever he does appear in my dreams, he is always cheating on me). I would really appreciate some help deciphering what the heck happened in this dream, especially because I could remember so many details.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: My horoscope said I would be having vivid dreams !

Postby mrothschild.8 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:49 pm

pretty straight forward. it's an anxiety dream about the long distance status, your fears he will cheat.

the boyfriend character represents your worst views of him and of yourself, that he's unfaithful, that you don't matter.

the dog represents your "territoriality" your inner "bitch" that protects you from being taken advantage of or mistreated, the part of you that is loyal to your own well-being. there might be an odd association between the surgery to have your trachea removed - which would leave you unable to speak or express yourself - and the dog barking its head off to defend you. Perhaps when you defend yourself in real life people make you feel like a bitch or like you need to be "de-barked."

the white jeep is sort of a contemporary version of riding in on a white horse, the girl in the car represents the idea that you might not be your boyfriends perfect woman, that you ride backseat to a fantasy of a perfect girl, a fantasy you try to keep up with (by riding in her car, letting the fantasy woman decide where you go in life, how you act) but you resent her and feel in competition with these expectations that may be real or imagined. you just want to be you. you don't want have to be silent to keep the peace or pretend to be someone you're not just to keep up in the relationship, or to compete with the girl boyfriend might be tempted to cheat with.

the dirty laundry in the hall is probably social drama - "dirty laundry"

the bit about wanting to go swimming but never getting to illustrates a feeling that you always have to put your joy/ happiness on hold because of other people's plans.

the constant theme in the dream is the course of events being decided by other people's wants, decisions, plans, that your happiness isn't considered or valued [this may not be accurate in waking life, just exploring the theme in dream reality].

so, yes, all in all it is an anxiety dream illustrating your fears, negative views, which may or may not be true.
The interpretation above is just my two cents.
The dreamer is the final arbiter of the correctness of an interpretation. The subconscious mind that made the dream is the ultimate authority over its creation.
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Dream Child
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