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I had a very real, scary, secret dream id like to know about

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

I had a very real, scary, secret dream id like to know about

Postby anthony27 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:09 pm

So I, am a Sophomore in High School. It was a Saturday Night. i went to bed at like 12 around. I go to sleep and i wake up from this crazy nightmare. I only remember chunks (big chunks) of my dream but it pretty much connects it all. I never had it before so its kinda spooky too. anyways. basically... this is my dream.

I see myself at a store, its some sort of store that has designer clothing, sells toothbrushes, and has like a complementary gaming console where you can play Halo. I'm here with my rich ass friend, he's Asian, and my other not so rich friend, but he is like hella smart. He acts like a baby sometimes which is disgusting imo but he says he wants this toothbrush. I go to him and say like, "we can steal this toothbrush easy, cus I look at the door and there's no detector, also the toothbrush doesn't have like a detecting thing or anything. just a fucking toothbrush LMAO. i think it was blue im not sure. I put it in my pocket. Then, this security guy goes past me and up to this man. he looks pretty old and he's playing halo right. (he might be bald idk) So he goes up to him and then turns out that guy playing halo has a gun and starts shooting people. I see this and I forget everything and I run across the store into like a hallway. Next thing I know, I'm at my house. I go up to the second floor where my parents are. I tell them we got to go cus there are gun shooters. (THING I DONT GET IS HOW DID I GET HOME AND HOW DID THE SHOOTERS GET HERE.) ALSO WHERE DID THE SECOND GUY COME FROM. one was bald the other im not sure. so i lock the door to my parents room and they dont believe me. so they stay in bed as they watch a drama on their laptop. I turn the laptop off. and my mom calls me a crazy person. anyways i dont know some sort of time lapse goes by. then I walk to the door from inside the room. I see its open and down the short hall is them. idk how but I get trapped in front of the door. the man not bald shoots me with a pistol 8 times. (the bullets... weren't that painful) and then the bald man shoots me with like a needle gun... like a whole fucking bunch. Then i wake up. and my head feels weird like i legit got a shit ton of needles stuck in my head... Also something interesting I want to know is. I have an older brother in my house who i really love and etc, but. i didnt go to him in my dream to tell him shooters were here. what does this mean. ALSO, what does the toothbrush mean. And did I have it with me when i died still in my pocket. IDEK also, what does my entire dream mean is what i like to know. please help.
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DM Lurker
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Re: I had a very real, scary, secret dream id like to know a

Postby operatormike » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:14 am

Dear Anthony,

These are just some ideas to aim you in the direction of understanding your dream. The actual meaning is inside you.

The store is where you get things, so you feel like you need something, inside yourself that is. A toothbrush could mean that what you feel you need is a better appearance or even to be able to express yourself better, since you do this with your mouth and a toothbrush improves your mouth. But it also improves your appearance. Both are about what other people think about you, so it might be about that. Stealing it seems to mean that you might not think you can get whatever this is that you need legitimately, not sure.

The gun and the guys shooting you shows that you have a fear of male aggression of some sort. Your comfort against this is your parents, so you go to them and seek them out. There are a couple of levels to this. On the one hand, you probably actually fear some male or males and their aggression in waking life, so you feel you need protection (like you have felt from your parents at some point in your life). At another level, you fear your own male aggression may get out of control so you seek the inner part of you that is parent-like, to control yourself. Maybe in waking life you really would trust your brother more, but deep inside you seek your parents and your own inner parent.

That's most of it. Hope this helps a little.

Operator Mike
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Re: I had a very real, scary, secret dream id like to know a

Postby The Cat Whisperer » Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:11 pm

Some thoughts about the toothbrush:
You use a toothbrush to clean your teeth, and you use your teeth to eat. So the toothbrush could mean you feel you need to improve your diet.
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