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Field Trip, Everyone dies, Castle and Dragon

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Field Trip, Everyone dies, Castle and Dragon

Postby DreamODream » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:32 pm

The dream started inside a gray and dark red room, with grey benches all along the walls, and a single double-door to go out. I was in the room with a bunch of people (possibly people from my school) The only person I remember specifically recognizing was my English teacher.

My mom had told me that my class was taking a field trip to Alabama. I took out a phone and looked at the GPS, but I was confused, because the GPS said that we were in the country of Turkey and not Alabama. After this happened, the school counselor came and announced that we were actually taking a field trip to Turkey. I was surprised and very excited to get to see Turkey, but was worried about being in a country so close to Isis. We were then led out of the room, which led into a jungle in Turkey. We walked through the jungle and ended up in a desert. I found out that the hotel we were supposed to stay in (for the field trip) was 40 miles across the desert, and that we would have to walk the 40 miles on foot (this reminded me of the story of Moses and the Israelites, how they spent 40 years in the desert). I was resentful, but I started walking after the group. After a while of walking, I was unable to keep up with the group and got left behind. There was another guy who also got left behind, so we walked together to try and catch up with the group. We climbed a desert mountain and eventually found a narrow passage, where slipping would result in you falling into the ravine. Luckily for us, someone who had come before us left some math problems, that we used to cross the passage. I almost slipped and fell in, but we both made it.

We eventually made it to the end of the 40 miles. Here, we saw a medieval castle sitting on a floating island, over a ravine, with a bridge that connected it to the mainland. This castle was apparently our hotel, and the rest of the people on our field trip were already inside, sleeping. We tried to enter the castle, but the knight guards wouldn't let us in (the hotel people were dressed like medieval knights). When we asked why, they pointed to behind the castle. We saw an enormous cloud of volcanic, pyrocrastic flow. The cloud slowly approached and engulfed/consumed the castle, causing the castle to begin to fall apart. The scene transitioned to inside the castle, where one of the guys inside woke up and said "Don't worry everyone, the castle isn't crumbling". The castle crumbled some more, and the guy repeated "I thought I said the castle wasn't crumbling?!". Eventually, the castle completely broke apart and fell into the ravine below, killing everyone inside. I stood there shocked at the sight of everyone I had gone to school with, die before my very eyes.

The scene then transitioned to me being back home, watching what had happened with the castle on the news. When the news ended, I wanted to watch some more (to learn more), but there was no more news to report. Instead, an episode of the TV show called "the Berenstain Bears" played. The show played the Berenstain Bears theme song (the old one; not the new one), and then the episode that followed was about Sister Bear eating a cookie. The setting of the episode was at a wedding-garden of sorts. I then proceeded to go to school, stopping at the gas station along the way to get some gas. At the gas station, I was bothered because I knew that my mom was supposed to go on the field trip with us, but she didn't - had she did she would have died (she was still alive in the dream).

The next scene was during my study hall at school, but it was weird. I was in this library - not like one I have ever seen. There was a wall splitting the library in two. There was a substitute teacher there for study hall, and loads of guard dogs patrolling the library to make sure that everything ran smoothly. I looked at the classroom of my English teacher (who in the dream was dead), and sighed. I walked out of the library and suddenly my viewpoint turned into that of Arthur was the TV show "Arthur". The setting was now in my former elementary school, by the front entrance. One of Arthur's friends, Sue Ellen, was walking down the hall with an older teacher (I didn't recognize the teacher). The three (Arthur, Sue Ellen, and the teacher) met. Sue Ellen told Arthur how she was also on the field trip too, but got separated. She ended up on a beach, where she could see the castle fall from the sky. The castle's remains washed up next to her. The old teacher commented on how the situation was horrible.

The dream then went to one final scene: explaining how the castle crumbled in the first place (almost like a flashback). A giant dragon flies over to the castle and challenges one of the knight guards to a fight. The two fought, and in the process, they did something to the bridge of the castle that would allow the pyroclastic flow to consume and destroy it later.

I woke up after that.
Now this dream is very complex and I would appreciate some help deciphering it.
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