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Remarkable Highway (needs interpretation)

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Remarkable Highway (needs interpretation)

Postby Arcturus Arothe » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:18 am

So I find myself driving along a very expansive and major (but unnamed) highway that passes through all sorts of places. I make sure to follow the speed limit as best as I can while driving (both in the dream and irl), and it so happens that I pass a few people who were pulled over, and somehow with no explanation or proof I know it's for speeding. Anyway, as I'm driving, an image of my destination comes to mind and it's some kind of desert where I plan to settle down... OK. Anyway, while "daydreaming" about my final stop, I accidentally miss the exit to get there. So I think to myself: no problem, I'll just make a quick exit at the next stop and re-enter in the opposite direction.

The next exit does not show up very soon at all, and after a while of driving I reach a packed high-rise city region at which point I can finally exit. I do so and turn around ASAP, at which point all the cars on the road I'm turning in to suddenly start merging into the lane I'm trying to enter. Rude! So I speed up and make it just fine, and re-enter as per plan. Here's where it gets weird. Upon entry I find that the highway immediately splits into two different directions: one is a single-lane road that runs parallel with the highway that I was previously on, and another is a double-lane road that winds up and to the right, away from the main line. Logically I take the single lane road expecting it to be a bit slower, but get me to where I want.

Instead, this road somehow leads into one that hits a 5mph limit and is apparently for the purpose of emergency stops?? I accidentally have been speeding down it at 50mph, expecting some normalcy. I am absolutely terrified and paranoid that I'm going to get a ticket for this, but for once in all my past mistakes, there is no one to pull me over. I am relieved at this. The road eventually merges with the other one that appeared to be going the wrong way at first, and I thought to myself: so what was the point of having that split?! So I pull out of that "emergency stop" lane and merge onto the main road, only to discover four more split-offs, and ALL of them have "no entry" and "wrong way" signs. What?! I'm already moving too fast in one of the middle lanes, so there's no time to pull over! I commit to my decision (as one should when driving) and hope the signs are wrong, and enter the one on the middle-right. It turns into a double-lane road and begins an uphill climb, surrounded by hundreds of feet of a drop-off on either side of the road's edge.

Suddenly, a car appears heading downhill in the left (my left) lane, and I move to the right and successfully avoid the oncoming traffic. But now I know that the signs weren't lying. I got lucky, but what if I encounter two cars going side by side? I'd be toast. So I use some mad driving skills I didn't know I had and drift my rear to flip my direction around. I begin the hill descent, but soon, as I round a curve, I am unable to react fast enough to avoid the motorcycle that is going the wrong way, just as I was a moment ago. This is where the dream ends.

Any interpretations?
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Arcturus Arothe
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Re: Sharing The Road

Postby Superman1 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:13 pm

Perhaps, as careful as you are, you are speeding past people.
So this area might become a desert, that is your destination. Maybe daydreaming is partly to blame, or it can't be a reality.
Hence you saw there was no exit to go there, and you must go the opposite way.

Only upon reaching the city does an exit finally appear. And, after you turn around, other people merge as you try to enter.
So you might think others encroach on you or are rude in some way, and that is when you speed up - as if to get beyond them.
Then it's like you can go two ways: solo, or with them that is not your normal main way.

It seems you saw that alone you're limited, so you need to emergency stop.
And you have been speeding instead, aware of your wrong.
Maybe you are relieved you become aware of this, that is why no one else stops you or you saw they do not have to get in your way.

Then perhaps you wonder why did you split with people in this way?
But you still find it hard to enter their main road, or it's like the wrong way, and splitting off as if into single ways again. But perhaps you want to commit to this decision, seeing past the 'wrong' signs in yourself. Then it can become right, and you can climb to this double-lane destination. But it looks like having both sides makes you on-edge.

Suddenly you fear going wrong again and downhill, or this is your fearful side. So you have to correct yourself again.
But if you believe this way is wrong, you will drift like the past, not getting to the destination of the city.
And you can't avoid crashing with the solo side that a motorcycle means, going the wrong way as you were.

Can you see the context which this might be?
Perhaps all this might mean you wish more control, or keeping within a limit, when it comes to people.
Or maybe you want to get ahead of people, who seem to get in the way or seem wrong in some context.
Or you want to go your way, not their way.
It could be concern about integrating something like work or study into real life, and getting ahead.
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