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can somone make sense of this?

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can somone make sense of this?

Postby sleep_is_a_dream » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:49 pm

So let me give you background first. I have a sort of fading crush on a guy, I'm incredibly stressed out, I had been sorting out photos
of some people that were in the dream, and most of my dreams are usually really weird, and involve me being chased by someone
(oh and I'm a girl).

So now for the dream.

I was in some kind of psych ward strip mall (oh and I've been a lot of research 19th century asylums for a research paper, I'm a college
senior), "playing" on the floor with another patient who wondered over, near the door with a tennis ball (I also found a couple of
tennisballs by the tennis court behind my dorm), being closely watched because apparently I had escaped before. Then a team from
some sport came out in a group to leave, so I used them as an escape and got out the front door. I could hear the nurse saying, "oh
no, not again." So I ran across the parking lot and got to the road where I saw them, a group of people I know (one I'm friends with,
the other's are more so acquaintances, kinda friends, and one kid, I've met a couple of times, haven't seen in a long time) and the
fading crush was the one driving this kind of really large amphibuous vehicles (the ones with the really large tires, are huge, and have
no roof, it was black with something weird that kept sparking in the front). Anyhoo, the fading crush was driving, and pulled over
when he saw me running, and him and my friend said to jump in, I did with the help of some of the others and they saved me from
the people/place I just escaped from. So we then drove to this place, where it had a kind of junk yard parking lot, we parked there
and went inside, and it was a gym from an old elementary school I used to practice at for volleyball when I was in high school. So
we started playing and doing things, the crush and some other people (there were all of a sudden a lot more) were off at one of the gym
doing something, I would look back from time to time. So I saw some more tennis balls and I was going to throw them against the wall
to play catch with myself (and so were a couple of other people too), but there was a volleyball net up so we had to stand behind it, to
throw the balls against the wall, except when I would throw the ball it wouldn't go very far, or would just go up about three feet in the
air and then drop. And believe me, that's wierd for me, I can throw a ball.

Then out of nowhere, we hear sirens and we try to leave, we run out to the parking lot but they stop us before we can get into the
amphibious vehicle, and all of a sudden the fading crush has some sort of metal protuding from his mouth, and one of his arms
is pipe, and one of the pursuers get him and he falls into the sparking front of the vehicle and falls down his back, not moving. We
all just stand around and look, and then my alarm clock goes off.

But I keep thinking that the ending is that I'm in a little theater and as we're all standing around looking at him on the ground, I get
up and start to walk out of the theater, like I was watching the action that just took place, and that might've happen either before
my alarm clock went off, or when I reset it for a half hour later.

So if anyone could follow that, or has any insight as to what the hell this dream means, that would be excellent, and much appreciated.


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