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Guide choosing what you dream about with sleep paralysis&mor

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Guide choosing what you dream about with sleep paralysis&mor

Postby BTGOFFICIEAL » Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:34 am

Welcome, this is a compete guide on to choose what you dream about and remove your self from a dream.

Before i start i wanna say that, this whole expérience did happen to me and i got under standing to share With you all. Also note that I wasnt lucid dreaming but I was able to choose what i wanted to dream about and removed myself from dreams using my conscious.

You will first read my experience and learn how to do it, i threw in some food for thought in this also.
Simple requirements to do this:
Must be able to induce sleep paralysis and actually close back your eyes, while being paralysed.
Must go to sleep late maybe 1AM and over those hours, if you normally sleep late try to be very tired then sleep.
You will also need to be awaken 7hours after going to sleep.
Then stay up 3 hours in your bed or any relaxed place.
I was listening to some relaxating isochronic tones on delta frequency starting from 10hz to 14 and then 15hz(this might not be obligatory i usually get sleep paralysis without it but today i listened to it 60 minute right before going back to sleep and was able to choose my dream content.)

Things tou need to Understand:
REM= Rapid eye movement , your eyes usually start opening and closing really fast at the same time moving really fast in all dire tions. (Happens right before you fall asleep or start dreaming )
Sleep Paralysis is when your eyes get left open halfway during REM which leads to your conscious coming back from sleep thinking this is the time to get back up, but it really is the time you wouldve started dreaming or sleep without dreams.This lead to trying to get up but feeeling completely paralysed or held down.Right before it happens for me, i fall asleep fast and wake up two minutes after. Then feel this movement in my blood kinda like cement being poured into it, leavving me k.o trying to stay fully awake not even knowing why since im the one who laid my head down a couple minutes ago! when i cave in to the feeling i fall asleep, feel my body vibrating with my temperature rising then im conscious with my eyes behind my lids, not be able to move my body for a while, then i lose all signs of consciousness for maybe an hour and my sleep paralysis then begins with the REM arriving first.

Now lets take a look on how I was able to do it, to better understand how yourself can too.

HOW I Did It:
Today I réalised, that, everymorning that i get waken up after à short night of rest, it leads me to short insomia, then I get sleepy after 1hour. So i go to sleep couple hours after feeling tired again and feel my body température go up, fall asleep right after that and then my êyes get open up halfly, and instead of usually just feeling sleep paralysis, then closing my êyes and fall back asleep as i normaly do. I réalised that my vision was getting blurry maybe because of REM i then closed my êyes and saw some sorte of water looking liquid fall from the top right corner of my vision and it kept going in àn horizantal Line from right to left untill it reached all the way down of my Line of vision.

By that Time the whole water took another look and i was dreaming(saw myself standing in à location With someone in front of me.) This is proof that there is a liquid that induces dream,(kinda like the Liquid crystal display under mobile tactile phones !) which means that when we sleep, imo since its all Dark and it is proven that we need to stop thinking to fall asleep, our conscious must escape our brain immidiately after we've reached a powerful stage of meditation, (which shows the importance of méditation While awake.)And when you look at meditation its the exact same steps we take to sleep, (as if we are obligated to go back everynight and get energy from another area thats not in our brain while we rest our body rest while we hâve the liquid fall down behind our êyelids and start creating our dreams, this is powerful because all of you hère know the dream interprétations we look up on this website ALWAYS relates to a situation of when we are awake and that the interprétation we look up are messages from our subconsciousmind. The second mind capacité that is linked to everything that stores information from all our senses that enter our conscious mind. ) Another mind blowing fact is we rèlease a liquid that stop our body from moving after "falling asleep!".

I also was able to spectate the dream a bit then when it was over (5minutes after ) I saw the darkness from behind my eyelids again Come back after the dream was done. After witnessing with my conscious this whole process, my heart then felt fear and from the darkness of my peripherical vision created another dream. This time, a dream appeared quickly and it was nightmare! This time the dream was zooming in from afar untill it was fullscreened. Immediately into the dream it's like my vision backed so far from it and it was all black again. I remember feeling really hard that I did not want to have a nightmare. I was back to seeing the back of my eyelids .

After my amaze my conscious wished for a wet dream. I moved my eyes consciously and everywhere I looked water was being applied behind my eyelids, I then started seeing this very slow process of a woman appearing with a background location, this was appearing very slow which was causing the colour of my vision to be like water on a grEy coulour behind it.

(I'm a believer in The Most High God, and is son yeshua , and that our conscious is a place where the Holy Spirit can start entering through us with our own conscious thoughts that lead to our action most likely toward the tempTations, the acts of bravery and everything good in the eye of God. I just wanted to explain that because my spiritual choice lead me to erasing that sexual dream.)

I tried to then recreate another dream after that but it seem I lost conscious and had no dream for the rest of my "slumber". Recently I started asking God to send me messages that I could later interpret on dreammoods.com after my rests.Yes I received a lot of life bettering advices. This is not the only time I was put in this state but this is my first time seeing and understanding the process of creating dreams(i will study this and hope you too will, this might be the very answer to controlling the nature of our dreams from the mood we fall asleep in)

Ppeople with sleep paralysis can literally talk to themselves. I am the living proof that when sleep paralysis happens, you can talk to yourself, I remember my first episodes of sleep paralysis. I was so scared i thought I was being posses and felt haunted. The same day I did some research and someone said to call the name of Jesus Christ to protect you from whatever was giving you the feeling someone/thing was close to you or even Ontop of you. Idk how but that statement got to influence my subconscious in a point that I remembered that when I was having my next episode of sleep paralysis, I was shouting in my head with my eyes halfway open.
- in the name of JC... I then said something in the context for the supposed bad spirit to go away.
This proves my point that we can talk to ourselves while in sleep paralysis.

Now the way to create our own dreams will be explained after you understand that trying to wake up from your sleep paralysis is rumoured to have effects on your heart, to the point that you could get a stroke from forcing yourself to get up, or even move a part of your body! The only thing you can do when it happens to you is to stop trying to wake up by remembering the effects on your heart, and closing your eyes, they get opeen when our REM state occurs (which is something that happens everynight,right before we fall into our sleep trance after focusing on falling a sleep) your eyes get open by mistake which pulls you out of your trance explaining why we think we are awake and try to get up until we realized we aren't completely and accept that fact.

How To Do It:
First Induce Sleep Paralysis with the method i wrote in the intro , or use yours if you can.
You must only focus on closing your eyes and relaxing yourself.
The golden point here is that when I successfully close my eyes after entering sleep paralysis and trying to get up from my bed , I am able to talk to myself during that moment before I fall back into the rest mode, even before that happens usually im able to command my thought to close my eyes and relax, the key here is to be patient if you are looking for sleep. And the greatest knowledge In this is that talking, no go as further and blast up in your conscious mind while waiting with your eyelids closed to fall back a sleep. The direct subject of your desired dream(try to focus on it as much as possible and you might start creating it with the technique of imaginating water behind your eyelids wherever your eyes look, kinda like painting with a paintbrush or wait untill you enter back the sleep state to dream about the subject.) While visualizing it with your imagination or "3rd eye" like you do in you waking hours will most likely sprout up a seed, water, colour, anything you want that will create like a paintbrush would, your very own vision and put yourself into the dream you was focused on before you fall back asleep. April 28 2014, I realized this method works by having my thoughts shift off from sleeping to actually try to control my dream subject, while waiting on falling back asleep from a sleep paralysis episode!!!

This is The way on How to control your dreams only if you are a sufferer or should I say a blessed soul with sleep paralysis!

Food For Thoughts !
¥¥¥Could it mean, Life only end when we die, so our state of mind/feeling/dominating brain thoughts or even patterns, decide where our conscious will bring us after it leaves the body like we do everynight? (I feel i proved that our moods CAN créate our dreams, when i explained how i directed and changed my dream subject.)When we meditate in complete silence of our thoughts, a feeling of being out of your body is strongly felt.
-I was born on the date That in canada, we celebrate John the baptism. ironically my first nane is John-b...(Kinda like John-Baptist)¥¥¥

Sleep paralysis is caused by going to sleep after a long time of no rest. Then to get you in the mega meditation sleep that humans do to power back their body, our body performs REM and if you're a person who has had a lot of sleep paralysis for unknown reasons, your eyes open up 50% which causes you to have your conscious thinking drawed back from sleep mode, You wanna wake up since you think you're fully functional but you cannot because you are at the last stage before you go into sleep mode and your body is frozen. I also tested the theory to move some parts of my body but I always feel like I am really moving that part to a point where I I for example place my hands over
My vision, but I never see it , even though I feel the movements. This could prove that we can actually manipulate a spirit in form of a whole human body: arms, legs...even though our body is still frozen in our bed! Sometimes I just go in REM, my eyes then open, can't move and feel paralyzed. And get visions from God, sometimes without even trying to get up or thinking of closing my eyes, about spiritual places, events or warnings. One day I felt what I later learned was the Holy Spirit(some people would call it chi, or life energy) abide in my stomach and chest area moving freely and even communicating with me(check my other posts for the complete story ).

I think this information was channeled by God through me for a reason, and that this was my mission. To teach people that if you believe on the ressurection of The lord Yashua. You Will définetly be resurected up from your deep sleep after dying, in à similar way that happens when you go to sleep everynight and wake up the next day. Believing in our conscious and Spirit that we Deserve to be in a better Place after death, could définetly be the answer thats has been written for us by believing we deserve and Will go to an euphoric place/kingdom of God/heaven how ever you wanna call it, its the idea that count! our consciousness forever dreaming about heaven With the Holy Trinity an every other saint and angels. Or whatever represents a better place, Or a bad place if we feel we deserve to forever live in a dream about an horrible place for us and others. And believing in that before we Die, could determin our consciousness and spirits, location or our summoning Place location or the image we créate in our peripheral vision for us to be in when the heart stops beating. It was proven that the brain CAN function after being beheaded.(possibly because the shock didnt give us Time to disconnect our conscious from te energy the Heart gives you.

I Personally hâve my reasons to believe in living in God's kingdom after death. I don't believe there is something wrong in the religions With one God only(not being an animal, à démon nor a human.) which are all créations of The Lord our God.

FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR COMMENTS, experience or thoughts or ways to control our dream contents easier.
Right now its 2:16 AM where i live and i have no doubt that something will awaken me. 7 hours after going to sleep so i will definetly keep you guys updated on my second go at this method i jave faith it willl work!
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Guide choosing what you dream about with sleep paralysis

Postby BTGOFFICIEAL » Thu May 01, 2014 7:15 am

Good morning, here's an update of my experiment.
First day after discovering this, i slept 7 hours and listened to isochronic audios for 3 hours.After that, went back to sleep and i started feeling this weird thing in my veins that was slowly making it harder for me to move my body everywhere i felt it. As i was falling asleep i felt my body temperature rising, then lost consciousness and was able to induce sleep paralysis!
I got into REM and my eyes halfway opened up and stay there for one minute then i didnt even have time focus on closing them because i was auronatically given a vision. Research on internet calls it daytime parahypnagogia(the spontaneous intrusion of a flash image or dreamlike thought or insight into one's waking consciousness. DPH is typically encountered when one is "tired, bored, suffering from attention fatigue, and/or engaged in a passive activity." The exact nature of the episode may be forgotten even though the individual remembers having had such an experience.)
This really surpises me because it says you aren't supposed to remember it but I ever since december started to be able to remember it all as soon as i wake! it also says(hypnagogia itself can sometimes be influenced by a form of autosuggestion, or "passive concentration",[56] so these sorts of episode may in fact constitute a continuum between directed fantasy and the more spontaneous varieties of hypnagogia.)Trying this has its benefits!
Afterentering this episode i awoke because of a family members friend who was there talking loudly enough to make my plans go to waste. Good thing is i remebered it all and interpreted it turns out the vision i saw sen perfectly into my waki g life situation!!! This might be a message from God helping me Or a direct way my subconscious sending me help from a stressful situation that was taking up my energy. I we t back to sleep after being awaken and slept like a baby.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Guide choosing what you dream about with sleep paralysis

Postby BTGOFFICIEAL » Thu May 01, 2014 7:41 am

On my second day, i slept 7hours and was sso tired that i fell back asleep after 5minutes of trying to rest a little.( like how you do when your alarm goes off for work or school and you just try to wake up on your bed but fall back asleep asap!)
Anyways woke up 2 hours after, disappointed because i was looking foward to choosing my dream subject. Fell back asleep right away. This time i has this long dream about a party ina basement, fighting,seeing others drug use, seeing some friends and family members. And then i literally saw this ex girl i was dating, we had some fun but i woke up after removing her bra !disappointed of the moment i chose to wake up and feeing still tired i laiid my head back on my pillow and fell back asleep.
To my surprise i arrived in my same dream but was in the basement this time. I then saw the same people and went into a room and had a wild sexual adventure with this girl i never saw.(I knew i was dreaming but somehow did not want to or could not stop the dream, forgive me! ;).)
One thing that i wanna say is really think the gold in this situation is has we were doing it everything in the dream froze!!!Except for me. i remember seeing the girl transform into this new girl and literraly the dream froze right when this new girl appeared! All i remeber was wishing in my conscious that the dream didńt end and after 2 minutes, the dream unfroZed and we kept on doing what we were doing;)!

On the very same article about hypnagogia it says [In his book, Zen and the Brain, James H. Austin cites speculation that regular meditation develops a specialized skill of "freezing the hypnagogic process at later and later stages" of the onset of sleep, initially in the alpha wave stage and later in theta.]

I concluded my dream by ejaculating in it and in real life --". I don't remember wantingt the girl to become a new one but it happend infront of my eyes, she was frozen for a bit but came back ro life and acted like she was the first strangwr inwas having sex with!!!

I did not wish for a dream like that, i pray everynight, and the interpretation makes alot of sense to why i couldve dreamed about all the stuffs i saw in detail.

I am about to try my third willingly experiment with sleep paralysis and choosing the dream subject, this is very real herés a link to back it up: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia .
Please do try this dont waste time and learn to master your dreams now! Feedback is appreciated !!!
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DM Lurker
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Re: Guide choosing what you dream about with sleep paralysis

Postby BTGOFFICIEAL » Thu May 01, 2014 11:18 pm

Hey, i've come to post feedback on my third time trying this i'm so happy and feel like one of my theory was proven right!!!
Let's start with some other articles i've found on the subject:http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/hypnagogic-state.html and http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/ ... reams.html

Ok so after going to sleep I again felt my body starting to feel numb and my heat temperature rising. Right before going to sleep I was focussing so hard with my eyes closed on the edge of falling asleep of me being on a beach made out of gold sand and the clearest water you could see with the sun smilling at me. I took it to another level and focused hard on feeling the sand, sun and swimming in the water. This time I wasn't able to have a sleep paralysis episode but I had four hypnagogic episodes. I literally ended my focusing session and felt it was time to go to sleep. Closed my eyes, one minute later boom a vision comes and goes right away, I wake up and inhale a huge amount of air with my nose and fall back asleep. After that 3 other visions came to me and right when they ended I got semi-awoken up, turned around and just inhaled a huge amount of air with my nose and fall back asleep the 3 times. After the last vision I don't remember waking up again. All I know is that i started havng a dream where my house was being attacked by a tornado it was so vivid like the walls were litteraly closing up and moving and every area of my house kept getting smaller as if they were closing in on me because of the tornado, then returning to its normal size.
I was ordered by family members to come and hide with them in a wardrobe because the tornado was obviously closing in on us and it made everything in the house act crazy. I remember walking out of it saying wHY? im not scared I know that if I die I will be on a beach made out of gold sand with the sun smilling at me. I was pullled back in by a family member and then the house just got destroyed while we were in the wardrobe and I literally died!But before dying in my dream I saw the house crash on me and remember focusing inside of my dream of being on a beach made out of gold sand and the clearest water you could see with the sun smilling at me.
This is where it proves my theory of when you die you start dreaming forever or atleast untill you are resurected. The reason I AM 100% sure that my theory was proven is because:
1: I wasnt scared to get killed by the tornado and walked out our hiding spot and felt so good being close to dying, i even got to the point where inside my dream I remembered what i was focusing on before falling asleep(a beach made out of gold sand and the clearest water you could see with the sun smilling at me.)
Even tho i couldn't control my dream i most definetly controled that thought and brought it the surface of my conscious inside my dream.
2: I was conscious after my death, but all I could see was darkness untilll...I got resurected in this place with someone so weird but everytime I try to remember him now I feel like it was either God, or my superior self or a clone of me.
3:I was told telepathicaly that I did a great job believing that when you die your dreams will be about what your brain was more developped on(Evil thoughts, actions, feelings, brain patterns ect.) and (Good thoughts, actions, feelings, brain patterns ect.)
To describe the place I was in with my superior self I can say it felt like we were looking at a mini model of space, I Remember being in an area with only one light kinda like a fire burning on the floor, and saw a multitude of smaller shinning lights right next to that fire burning, other than that the whole place was made out of dark walls, I remember being handed this huge electronic tablet with 20 commandments, I didn't read them because I was so busy checking if there was really 20 words with definitions next to them. On the left corner of this electronic tablet page I saw a man who reminded me of Jesus.
After scrolling down the tablet the God literally made a brown rectangle, and two brown squares next to eachother, appear ontop of the tablet.
The rectangle had a year in it, the squares numbers but they only supported 2 numbers, I was then told telepathicaly to choose which year I wanna be resurected, I scrolled down the years to 2000,then 2020 and 2015. I dont remember which date i actualy chose because I went and gave my superior self
(I CALL him that because at this point its energy reminded me of myself and he was facing this weird mini-space circle station, sitting on a chair kinda leaning toward the station) this one hand hug with my left side (like the ones you do when you wanna bring someone closer to you for a picture) because I had the tablet in my right hand. As I semi-hugged him with my left side I also remember this huge energy being sucked from him going straight into me!
(I told myself wow you're just gonna take his energy like that and leave, I also said he surely felt it leaving inside of him)
I finished the hug because of that volt of energy entering my dream body through all my left side, looked at him, he was still staring at that mini-space as if it didn't bother him at all and then departed into the year I chosed.

This in my opinion proves to me that part of my theory I also remember being on this website http://www.innsmouthfreepress.com/blog/ ... ry-genius/ and reading every thing in it.

This caught my eye and really made me analyze my theory before going to sleep and having this crazy dream:Dream Is Death
Death is depicted by Poe as a psychological nightmare, where reality melts into dream in the mental dissociation of the main character who, immersed in a timeless labyrinth, acts with lucid insanity, according to a diabolic plan of death. Soul and death are madly and rationally intertwined in the nightmare. The deeper we are in the soul abyss, the clearer we catch sight of death, as Hillman states: “Dream is Soul and Soul is Death.” **

And this:There is, however, a class of fancies of exquisite delicacy, which are not thoughts, and to which, as yet, I have found it absolutely impossible to adapt language. I use the word ‘fancies’ at random and merely because I must use some word, but the idea commonly attached to the term is not even remotely applicable to the shadows of shadows in question. They seem to me rather psychic than intellectual. They arise in the soul (alas, how rarely!) only at its epochs of most intense tranquillity – when the bodily and mental health are in perfection – and at those mere points of time ‘where the confines of the waking world blend with those of the world of dreams. I am aware of these ‘fancies” only when I am upon the very brink of sleep, with the consciousness that I am so.

I will be going to sleep now and waking up in 7hours in hopes that my 4th time will not drag me into another wild experience never before seen or experienced, but allow me to control my lucid dream as I go into hypnagogic state and then revive my conscious to control my dreams in the sleep paralysis state.
Wish me luck!
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Guide choosing what you dream about with sleep paralysis

Postby KundaliniRZA » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:07 pm

I lost the password for my BTGOFFICAEL acc but 3 years later im surprised at how close i was to being able to step out of my body with my spirit without knowing it! Also was really close on how to lucid dream from sleep paralysis! Fast foward 2017 Im really more advanced on those two topics i just mentioned! If you are intrrested about all this visit my youtube channel :KundaliniRZA I got a few videos about this and more !
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