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very odd dream a lot of things happen opinions please

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

very odd dream a lot of things happen opinions please

Postby Emulate » Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:19 am

i can remember it all perfectly.. i was at my girlfriends parents house but they had a new apartment... so everything was fine.. then i was on the computer.. and then someone said "yo this guy really hates u" after that a webcam popped up on the computer showin me with the phone in my hand and i called this certain person who hated me.. the thing is i remember he had a certain name i couldnt remember when i woke up but it starts with an s (last name related) but i never knew who this person was and they hated me. i go on the balcony of the new apartment at the side and u could barely see the front door of the house. all of a sudden i saw that guy with abunch of ppl. i tried gettin a hold of cops but i couldnt. i walk in i walk out and there's a police officer there "sayin ok jus stand to the side" or somethin like that. i go down to open the door and there's no cop in sight or no cop car. then these ppl surround me and start talkin shit.......... the thing is i jus go back inside. i call my close friend up and say yo this guy threatened me n shit.. and it sounded exactly like him on the phone. he said "who the fuck threatened u" jus like he would normally say. then when im inside i saw my gfs dad and he looked dead 4 a sec cuz they're like he's not movin...... so i start backin up cuz im nervous....... and then he wakes up and says he was just sleeping. i remember somethin happenin with my mom where ppl were mad at us (im not sure why i cant remember) but.. it upset me i couldnt figure it out cuz i kno it was cus of somethin. anyways....... i remember goin into a garage with 3 ppl who didn't say anythin and were rolling a joint. they rolled it and i left the garage not 2 smoke it. i saw the guy who hated me. he pointed at me so his friends started comin by.. so i grabbed a hockey stick and saw fear in their eyes.. i chased the guy who hit me but i think he disapeared into a field or somethin. anyways, then i saw my dad. we were on a train. he had to go do somethin. since the train came to a stop he said if it leaves without him jus get off at the next stop. so.... the train started goin and i did right away. it dropped me off in a middle of a highway..... i didnt kno where i was. very minimal cars but huge highway goin north and south. i saw a little boy walkin on the highway. he said do u need to go that way? (i said yea) so there was like... so much barbed wire rolled up into one...... at the side of the highway. he grabbed it and threw it so far on the highway like he had super strength horizontally wise.. and the cars that hit it spun out... but it was only barbed wire. i mean if i had to go that way why would the car spin out like he was tryin to get me to drive? thats the whole dream then i woke up. when i woke up i felt a lot of tension in my chest and my gf said whats wrong and started cryin.. for some reason i was really upset by this lucid dream i had. i even called my mom and told her. the thing is i can remember dream but not remember the situation in the lucid dream with my mom and it was buggin me so much. i jus had to write it down so i didnt 4get.. if i can get replies it would b great 4 feedback

Re: very odd dream a lot of things happen opinions please

Postby emmy005 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:44 pm

thats weird.
dreams can be signals of things that really are going to happen in your life.
like, i had a dream that i was falling off a cliff, but it hasnt happened yet. and falling off a cliff in the dream dictionary means im under alot of stress. or it just hasn't happened yet.

but it could either "mean" something, or your really gonna get ur butt kicked.
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DM Lurker
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