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The Walking Dead, featuring my family?

We want to know which celebrities do you dream about. Come on in and see what kind of dreams that other Dream Moods visitors have had with famous actors, actress, models, musicians, and singers.

The Walking Dead, featuring my family?

Postby LucidDreaming » Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:29 am

I had a dream about two or three months ago that I still remember in creepy detail.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
This dream happened before we watched the episode in which Rick slices his throat, mind you, and I'd honestly like to see him beaten into being a good guy, not a rude uncensored rebel with little to no cause

My parents and I were snooping around on the second floor of an abandoned warehouse when I hear a super loud growl-groan-retching noise. :creeping: We all bolted up some stairs to a tiny room that has those annoying plastic chairs in waiting rooms, and we made a lame excuse of a barricade with them. Just as zombies begin breaking in, I find a row of bricks lined against the side of the decaying building like a staircase. The bricks are right next to a HUGE gaping hole in the ground, and its bottom was so deep it was pitch black. The zombies finally break in just as we hit the solid ground, and I throw a match into the chasm as we run away from the waterfall of dead people. The scene pans out to a view of us walking down an empty road with the burning warehouse far in the distance, and we finally find a place to sit and rest. We all had our own little rations to eat, but then all of a sudden THE SAVIORS come sauntering towards a bench next to us. My whole family and the Saviors listen to Negan give a routin'-tootin' kick-zombie-behind speech that somehow doesn't mention Rick whatsoever. Then my dad, smarty-pants that he is, goes to say something dumb that would probably end with him dead, so I kick him in the shins, hopefully lightly. He mutters a weak "ow" and Negan starts walking towards us. I remember him saying whoever set the warehouse on fire (that was me) was one behind-kicking son-of-a female dog, and I just grinned cockily, saying, "Thanks, but that was nothing interesting. I bet you I could turn a rocking horse into a zombie deathtrap." He laughed, put a hand on my shoulder, and simply said, "I'd like to offer you all a place in my team. We need a clever little thing like you to help with our plans and we need some more workers, too. So.. waddya say? You get my protection and my weapons in turn for your cute little mastermind's help and your dedication to this group."

The dream ended there, but boy would I have flipped out like a fangirl to meet Jeffery Dean Morgan in real life, not Negan. :unworthy:
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Re: The Walking Dead, featuring my family?

Postby Dorn » Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:58 pm

A warehouse is a memory storage facility. And once anger (growl) is evoked you act so as to shield yourself off from the surmised threat, creating an artificial barrier (plastic chairs). As you hurry along, avoiding the onslaught of things "eating you up" (zombies), you throw a light (match) on the suppressed aspects of your personality (the pitch black chasm). But you avoid facing the unpleasant memories when exposed (warehouse on fire), perhaps because they are too overwhelming. Instead, you find your way to stronger allies (the Saviors), before whom you present yourself as stronger and more assertive than your dad.

Even though it may be menacing, the dream is actually quite positive in scope. You are finding ways to improve your confidence and sense of self while tackling lingering concerns. This is done through affirmation from strong characters (Negan) while you brush aside the inhibitory aspect of your father's personality.
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