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Andrew Scott and ME?

We want to know which celebrities do you dream about. Come on in and see what kind of dreams that other Dream Moods visitors have had with famous actors, actress, models, musicians, and singers.

Andrew Scott and ME?

Postby Kelly_With_Art » Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:07 pm

I had this dream after watching the finale of Season 2 of Sherlock.

I was a lonely freshman that couldn't get anyone to ask her to homecoming (stop laughing, it isn't the dream part yet).

The actor that played Moriarty, Andrew Scott (look him up, he's like an adorable rabbit), was my new favorite person ever because of his dark charm. This was partially because until this point, Moriarty was the only role I had remembered seeing him in.

Now: The Dream

I was sitting alone in my house doing homework and someone knocks on the door. I got up, and there stands Andrew Scott on the porch. He looks at me and says "you're coming with me." So, I'm pretty sure he might kill me if I don't, and he's also THE BEST so I go. He has a super nice car, so I get in on the passenger's side and he starts it up. We start driving through my town, and he is just casually running people over with the car while we smile and sing a song that is playing on the radio. It was like a MONTAGE OF MURDER. Finally, he stops the car in the town square. He tells me to wait in the car and then he climbs out. He starts grabbing bodies and then motions to the top of the car. I unclick my seatbelt (even an accomplice has to be safe, I guess) and climb out onto the top of the car. To my surprise, he had taken the bodies of the people we hit and formed them into a word. The street read "Homecoming?" and me being sadistic (apparently) I said okie dokie. But I'm not that crazy of a person, so I don't get it. Help maybe?
Dream Child
Dream Child
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Re: Andrew Scott and ME?

Postby Sheena » Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:59 pm

That was not the actor, it was the character Moriarty.
What about Homecoming?? Got a date?? Or are they all dead to you?
Dream Guru
Dream Guru
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