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brown vs blue

We want to know which celebrities do you dream about. Come on in and see what kind of dreams that other Dream Moods visitors have had with famous actors, actress, models, musicians, and singers.

brown vs blue

Postby alms1989 » Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:50 am

a very strange dream. I was in Florida visiting a family friend, i was confused as to why i was there because this person and i had a terrible altercation. Their house was a mess and I was talking about how I should clean it. My sister was there also. The dream fast forwarded and he was showing us these creations he made, almost like transformers, one of them went out of control and he did something to make himself bigger and stomped on it. It sounds bizarre but in the dream i thought it was so cool!

The dream jumps again and its winter, im not sure if its in Florida but there's snow all over. Im outside playing in the snow, my family is there and my nephews. We're all laughing and having a great time. I'm with someone, they come out of the blue, but all I can remember is im playing in the snow with them and im so happy, i was laughing and smiling alot. I remember looking into their eyes and they were a very warm and inviting brown, which surprised me. The person resembled matthew broderick. In the dream i kept wondering in my mind what happened with the guy with blue eyes, i was searching for them. Wondering where he was. There was a time when me and the guy with brown eyes were laying in the snow and just looking at birds, they were all over , i was trying to get one to land on my finger, i stuck my hand out and one came close, it was a blue and green baby bird. It stood out bc the rest of the ones were sparrows. It was going to land but brown eyes said something that startled me and then it dissappeared.

We all eventually end up in the house sitting by a fireplace, brown eyes stayed the night and i remember thinking blue eyes wouldn't do this, my nephews were there too and we were playing games and what not.
Dream Child
Dream Child
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Re: brown vs blue

Postby aureloize » Fri May 12, 2017 6:57 am

Finally it's a good dream. :D And you are lucky to remember all thoose details.
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DM Lurker
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