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talking with famous youtubers dreams

We want to know which celebrities do you dream about. Come on in and see what kind of dreams that other Dream Moods visitors have had with famous actors, actress, models, musicians, and singers.

talking with famous youtubers dreams

Postby darkanomoly » Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:14 pm

I had 2 dreams about jacklyn glenn and lacy green who are popular youtubers.

the dream that Had lacy green in it:

I was in my first house that I grew up in california (about 20 or 30 minutes away from Sacramento) on blue springs way street. lacy green came to visit me in that house in the dream and we were talking about something and I had asked if she could be my social worker and she told me she can't or said no then I wake up.

the dream I had with jacklyn glenn in it:

I am in my second house that I grew up in (in claifonia 20 or 30 minutes away from sacramento but about 10 -20 minute drive away from the house I first grew up in) and I am in my old bedroom. jacklyn glenn comes to sit next to me on my bed as she had come to visit me and she says "what is that?" (to a picture on my bedroom wall) I tell her it is a samurai and tell her what it's about or what the samurai are or were. she ends up saying "retard, retard retard" in a playfull little girl voice and then I awake from the dream. I think the dream was a nightmare in a way however it seemed likea regular dream to me.
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