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why is michael jackson naked???

We want to know which celebrities do you dream about. Come on in and see what kind of dreams that other Dream Moods visitors have had with famous actors, actress, models, musicians, and singers.

why is michael jackson naked???

Postby princessorianna » Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:11 am

i shudder just thinking about this again. but writing is catharsis and this is a dream site.

so i had this dream in 1987, the year wacko jacko released bad. i was six, and a big fan. i had just been given the cassette by my parents and fell asleep while listening to it.

i drempt that i was awake in the middle of the night and needed to go downstairs. i was in my brownie uniform. so i am halfway down the stairs when i see a person crouched in the downstairs hallway. i saw them because of the light we always leave on in the kitchen. i just stood there for a bit, not really scared. then i realized it was michael jackson. and he was naked. i didn't see parts or anything because he was crouched down in a ball. then his head turned and he was looking at me. and that's when i got scared.

i continued to be a fan for a while, but once those sleepover things came to light...i hated him. :fuming: and his music. i can't stand them still. and when celebrities do inpersenations...i cringe. i'm probably gonna get backlash but i was happy when he died. this dream has disturbed me from the time i had it. and i only remembered it when i was looking down the list and saw someone else mention mj.
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Re: He's BAD, you're GOOD.

Postby Superman1 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:13 am

You were aware of some darkness in your mind, which a light shined on to reveal that what MJ meant to you was naked - either revealed or lacking.
Michael Nakedson or Michael Lackson

You wore your uniform, he was naked.
So this may mean your wholesome ideals the Girl Guides helped give you were opposed or stripped by MJ's BADness. He's BAD. But for a 6 year old, maybe already a monster by comparison. Crouched down in a ball to exphasize or hide the nakedness.
So when this quality looked at you, it scared you.
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Re: why is michael jackson naked???

Postby 4th astral plane » Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:02 pm

You have the extraordinary perception at that time Jacko Wacko was a boy pedophile.You still being a 6 year old kid can perceive that just hearing his music or watching his videos ,photos in which his bad album was clearly showed as homosexual. Your reacction was absolutely normal for wt...? :shock: Even at that age if you were homosexual(fortunately you aren't, for what you are saying) you couldn't accept all that subconcious experience as normal. At the end who the hell thought this guy was in any case. More than a symbolic dream was an absolute "bad" :lol: experience for you to remember.
Just don't think in the freak anymore he don't deserve it. ;)
4th astral plane
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