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I’ve Been Activated!

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

I’ve Been Activated!

Postby Gus Who » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:22 am

I been ‘Word inn’ as the highest ranking secret government body ... ( :neer: ‘Batty’) in which I had to go to CIA secret headquarter building ... (I’ll call it the High Rise) and there is a secret room only for members to receive a ‘mission’ as an agent for this body... and you feel like your in ‘Get Smart’ ... as you have to go through all these security checks ... just to get you to this room with a vault safe in the wall that someone guards and hands you a sealed envelope that shows that nobody has open the envelope (old style stamp wax I think) ...

... as I been :sleep: undercover this whole time... and this Sealed envelope will be the only evidence I’ll have to prove... I’ve gone Batty! (Off coarse ... I mean of course) ... :lep:

My mission was .. secret :whistling:

Woke up!

:geek: at least I have a document that nobody can take away that proves ... me Batty

and I had a dream earlier that I was friends and a neighbor to a Inventor type guy who had turned water ... as he pipe it through his house and up to his gutters ... and shoot out the ends of the gutters and turn into light at high pressure that would hit the neighbors windows ... Heere
Okay - I clearly warned everyone .. GLOBAL COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM...
Gus Who
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