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Oak Island (Finalized Theory)

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Oak Island (Finalized Theory)

Postby g01deng@tes » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:20 am



(Roswell as a single location ... then ... Bermuda Triangle ... then ... Tropic of Cancer) (this is the scientific principal)
(Smith's Cove .. then ... Money Pitt ... then ... Triangle Swamp) (functions on the same scope of the scientific principal)

(Introduction of "Joseph-Unified-Field-*very nominal* (at Roswell/Ranch of Mac Brazil) ... Bermuda Triangle (Earth Moon Axis Point) ... Tropic of Cancer (Earth Magnetic Field inverse/flux Point) (all of these arguments connect, to produce the effect, of the ufo articulating out of this earth, triggering a, portal opening)


Prism Colour experiment || Physics Spectrum experiment

(another perspective ................... the stone treasure map, shows only the point of activation as a theory, using the components we've discussed, the third component, "joseph the blessings", which we've substituted for rogue gravitons going to or from the earth's moon, isn't the mechanism, its evidence of a "mechanism with a ether or unified field already there" ................. if that is not true, the argument is not true .................... but everything we've said, is legally valid and legally true, but near impossible scientifically to prove)


(Oak Island's notary system of land lots, is a precise calculation, it was adopted many years ago. As a very simple description and checksum. To transport (the titanic), people off world for some benefit and then to return them...............that is the only traditional use for Oak Island. Generations for a long time, their refusal to kill the genetic lines with no value in god's eyes, isolates this argument of the ether/true unified field to the "son of man only", no external or internal process...................Roswell UFO was a Nominal act from god...................other nominal acts from god using a ether/unified field, follow the same general pattern, but, because the argument is complex, it can identified at a very basic junction, such is as we've said)

(Scientific Theory-Revised)
(ether/unified field arguments are generally dismissed and not acknowledged, anything that pronounces the "on/off switch of our moon to jewish and ethnic euthanasia", however that argument extends to that, or discredits aimless spending projects in the name of science, are aptly called fringe science .................. very gross and very false conclusions ................... I do have a defense for foolishness, the situation of curbing the light prism may not be unique to oak island, but, anything other areas or anything else is either off limits, or burried under tones of nuclear waste, so we'll leave that issue at that)

(The Last, Last, Oak Island Experiment, let me think, backlog)

Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race (March 2010)

(the personality in the artifact, is not wearing a helmet, (haha), he is serving as the "ether/unified field" to trigger the "moon's imbalance on that area" with the magnetic field junction .................. a portal is opening as he is rising as the "UFO" or "high priest", at the same time this process is occurring, he is the key or mechanism)


Dan Blankenship, a renowned treasure hunter and “Curse of Oak Island” mainstay, died Sunday at the age of 95, Fox News can confirm.

Oak Island Cold Case Murder 1965
CSI oak Island; freemasons murders family of treasure hunters in cold blood killed Robert Restall, Bobby, Karl Graeser and Cyril Hiltz August 17 1965 [motive] October 1965 Robert Dunfield obtain lease to oak island and builds a causeway? & does extensive expensive oak island money pit’s excavations within a handful of weeks after the death of the restall treasure hunting family and there hired hand or when they were allegedly found accidentally dead in a shallow pit on oak island? “Dead from poisonous gas? “


(A Murderer is Dead? Oak Island's Prophecy is Completed, sometimes the reward is not money, riches, or fame, sometimes the reward is only truth)

(Don't feel bad about it all, people die, then people die. Besides, what Dan B. (D. B. Cooper the Seventh that Dies in Oak Island), knew about Oak Island he took to his grave, treasure hunts cause people to do things they regret. Now that, that is finished. Are you ready to forget about the treasure, before someone really dies of natural causes ................ build a tourism place, make a lot of money, and leave the matters of the universe and global suicide to god. Today "suicide sells", nothing but mass suicide until humanity is finally euthanized, that is all the expectation for this worthless generation, but don't feel bad about that at all, its a win win for the people that at least try to pray!)

(There's a lot of suffering and pain as extensions of these people's pleasure, and also in hurting me, look forward to that, no seriously, these are opportunities for prayer)
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Dream Seeker
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Re: Oak Island (Finalized Theory)

Postby g01deng@tes » Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:30 pm

Final Theory - Volume 2 - (Grand Scale Attraction)


Mysterious Road Defies Gravity in Pittsburgh - Gravity Hill, Pennsylvania

(I don't make jokes really, but, my field test for oak island would be at ground zero in nyc or at that location, no anti-matter effect means, the argument is off, but, there is a more important truth) (I am the test subject, the argument is classified, as a pull pocket or convex exchange between the earth's moon and the earth's iron core, in rogue graviton exchange (predictable rogue gravity particles) (a direct solar eclipse beam, or the "son of man" are special circumstances for the same argument of excitation (in same limited geographic location), one value is substituted for the other, in the reaction) (from my understanding it appears, that, simple corruption has laid waste to all classified files, all reported sites of interest, government or private owned, they are just aimless entities, with no point of reference or reproof, its like watching the collapse of the soviet union all over again, when people realize, there is nothing of significance and nothing really classified, when they get into these issues)


Nostradamus, "unified association for his account", has a single reference point. that is the "uranus pluto square", and when you mate the graphically, you immediately observe the "TITANIC"'s intersection of a "uranus pluto square parallel", and this equals 1912 a the point of disaster.

Why is this important? Oak Island is, a "natural convex pull (or rogue gravaton emission)" point in the earth, that traditionally is inert. Special circumstances around 1912 involving other bodies of gravity in our immediate solar system, changed the effect from Oak Island to a diagonal that reached the Titanic's Location. A Singularity reacted and put a large hole in the hull of the Titantic and it sunk. .................. the theory is that, the titanic's final position was headed towards oak island. therefore, there are other accounts of ships in that era, used for experimentation and for promoting funding ............. its pure coincidence, that a secondary reaction was triggered and then the disaster.

small statement .................. (remember when it comes to astrology and galactic alignments our information is inaccurate, nothing more then speculation ............... but when it comes to planetary alignments and special circumstances, there's no deviation there)

1912 "Titanic", then "100 Years" to 2012 Galactic Alignment (1000 years before 2012, then another 1000 years before, is Jesus age mentioned at 12 years old (one jubilee position), (then again the gospel mentions 30 years old for jesus, a second jubilee position) ("daniel's final week is in the middle or midst of two jubilees, based on Issac Newton/Halley Comet Prophecy, there's a serious of association, appearing to validate, if we don't view pure calculation, when we've done)

history claims

that "1917 Fatima Prophecy" is the value to "100 Pounds of Jesus" (for a final week of daniel marker), I don't agree because of the lack of evidence, just one point isn't enough.

I will say that, "1912" and "1917" a "5 year spacing" is valuable. So it will work kinda like this, in summary:

1. Flight 370 in 2014 + "5 Years" to 2019 (2014 + 5 Years to final 42 Years)

2. "49 Jubilee Cycles of 42 Years" = that makes 2019 to 2061 Halley's Comet Satisfaction of Daniel's Prophecy about the Jubilee of the "62nd to 69th Week"

3. "Daniel's Final Week happens after 70 Weeks (of years, Dan.9:2)" ............... "Daniel's Final Week happens after the "62nd to 69" Jubilee" (matt. 20:5)...............These are Two Positions that are Legally Valid and Legally True, there's no Biblical Basis to Discredit the argument (the only answer is that God has to react to clarify the argument, until that happens, these are the legal arguments only)

Needless to say, the "70 Weeks of Years Marker was Flight 370 for the Final Week of Years", that terminates 12/21/2020...................the "Final Jubilee began on 12/21/2012 (49 Years to 2061 A.D.), and, 11/21/2019 represents the final 42 Years (of Rev. 11) of the Final Jubilee ending on 2061 A.D. (these are legally valid and legally true positions, until god acts, so are many others)

1. Flight 370 + 1290 and 1335 days for 2625 days (to 12/21/2020) (Final Week of Daniel)
2. Galactic Center 2012 + 1290 and 1335 days for 2526 days (to 11/21/2019) (Final Jubilee Division 49/42 years)

(Back to Topic::::Historically, people use the "Sacred Year of 360 Days (missing 5 days)" ............. AND ................ "Calendar Year of 365 Days ................ this is how they handle Daniel's Week's Prophecy, but those values are no longer important because God has given us signs, and those methods of interpretation don't address the situation more accurately then a few brief "number table" statement's we've made. The reason those values originated like that, again, is because of "Daniel's Final Week in the "midst" of two jubilees" ............... generally, that is a 1 year of difference between those two calendars over a length of daniel's 70 weeks.......................IN REALITY................... the difference is from 2019 to 2020 and not exactly 12 months, so you can understand, we are more correct now, by direct observance, not by direct calculation!)

Projection! (This will Prove these Documents are Legal)

(the map on page 2 of the photos, that shows the red dot on africa)

The Prime Meridian (which is the top and bottom of the cross on the standard map)
The Tropic of Cancer (which is above the equator, left to right of the cross on the standard map)

The Correct Positions are:

(12 degrees to the left (not indicated this should be on the red dot on africa), jesus age was stated at 12 in the gospel)
(30 or 33 Parallel, jesus age was stated at 30 in the gospel) this is for left to right)

God focused his attention on these "nominal convex (loose gravaton emission)" squares as evident in the earth...and this is important but I will make a statement............god's account in genesis before abraham, did not use the current table, in the sense that in the garden of eden god talks about "the euphrates river in the middleeast babylon", however, that has no value obviously....................what you are observing today, and this goes from roughly, roswell to the present, is activity focused along the kinked cross or nazi cross, of nominal activity in the network, provided certain ether energies unified are utilized.

Oak Island, 9/11/2001, the Mayan Pyramids, (even the bermuda triangle) fall on a tangent ............... same for the "Flight 370 and the Devil's Triangle there" ....................... what the Exekiel Documents reveal, (and they were infact found around the cross diagram for nominal activity), is dead center. this indicates that God has a great earthquake or marker for the final week of daniel and the bridge between the final jubilee and the 42 year division..............generally this is between 2019 and 2020. God addresses the son of man, and the earth (god is not obligated to address the gospel's tables for a true unified field or moon activation, because of the dead flesh argument of those genetic lines).

(God does all the work of adjustment of the earth for the true unified field argument of the earth's moon, at the relative time, god addresses me specifially, but then, God goes no further, this earth does not see any fruit, there's no golden age on this earth, because of the dead flesh issue.....................God has the legal right and reason to say, "nothing at all happens", but at the same time, "there is a war in, creations-of this earth, between satan and his devils" (meaning the issue of dead flesh is voiced again shortly before mankinds death in 40 something years approximately tied to halley's comet)

(In reality, the "nominal vortex cross", is not perfectly straight, its wavy, and have a few minor sharp turns, so you can understand the construction of "Coral Castle" in Florida, why it was in that area, and also those Exekiel Documents likely being found at Coral Castle ................... not the expression and excitation required varies along the cross ................... but it appears steadfast, at least in history that oak island was used, but today, this earth is forsaken for the glory of god, in this dead flesh issue, but at the same time that is true .................... we'll have to see, about two things, passing some of god's mercies out of my hand for your conviction, to reveal that further as a sinner, this generation ............ and, further along that conclusion, to see if anything practical can be used from the andromeda galaxy, to do things in a clean and glorified way, versus the rampant killing that can become warranted)

(so what I said is true, ethnics and jews are promoting suicide with me in pleasure only, and that is primary until more evidence with the earth is employed, but we'll see how much open genocide can be more effectively employed over time, as everything begins to be resolved perhaps this year) (but the state funded, incest/rape/murder of my body and testimony is good for those purposes, and let things happen, let god take the glory by resolving the argument, they more they are cut spiritually, the easier it will be to euthanize)
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Re: Oak Island (Finalized Theory)

Postby g01deng@tes » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:46 pm

(Notre Dam Burning - A Sign?)


The most BIZARRE game you will ever play - Deadly Premonition

(Periodic Activation of Oak Island - Theory .............. for a various of fringe science reasons, nothing in particular) (no "son of man requirement", that means i'm off the hook, haha)

The Fulcanelli Mystery, 1 The Apocalypse, the Lost Generation and the Rediscovery of Alchemy

After the war, Fulcanelli’s legend, and Canseliet’s career, profited from an up-surge of interest in all thing metaphysical. By the mid 1950’s, conditions were right to reprint both Le Mystere and Dwellings. Simply by having been the mysterious Fulcanelli’s student, Canseliet had become the Grand Old Man of French alchemy and esotericism. But the ’50s were not the ’20s and many things had changed. One of those things was the text of Le Mystere itself

Summary - Fulcanelli's Prophecy

Fulcanelli (famous author of "mysteries of the cathedrals"), predicted in short, that the "Notre-dam's Cathedral's Burning", would mark a "archaic revival" of mysticism, the coming of an age marker. (The Cross of Hendaye, people speculated that it describes the geographic location of "peru" as such as place for the coming of the age, however, when you have the problem of no "legal evidences", just pure speculation, then, you correct those positions typically with human behavior and history .............. perhaps that locations is oak island?)

(to be completely fair: .................... the last big oak island commotion surrounded "vietnam", and there's no evidence, nguyen van lem left vietnam, at least nothing recorded. ...................... Oak Island's practical exercises expire around the time of the Titanic. After that, with Nicholas Roerich/Edward Leedskalnin/Arnold Toynbee, they were the next generation and they tied into that, but nothing directly exercised there ................. the next generation after that was, "ron L. hubbard" (scientology), and nothing directly happened with oak island.

This eliminates the "son of man requirement as a exclusive theory", this behavior also eliminates the "solar eclipse path as an exclusive theory" .................. Oak Island may activate all of a sudden for some duration of time, before the window closes, that appears to be the case, if and only if, we view "Fulcanelli's Prophecy as a direct description of Oak Island".

(The "Titanic's Sudden Destruction", we can line that up with the reported history of Oak Island, but I rather not. Anyway, the miracle burning of "Notre-dam Cathedral" and Oak Island of today, I believe is a valid conclusion. There's no reported association for that argument. What I mean to say is, my observance at the moment is 2019 to 12/21/2020 the end of Daniel's Final Week, with this earth having no to none of an association to god's mercies, perhaps, "Notre-dam's Cathedral Burning" is the conclusion of Oak Island, meaning no longer valid, or perhaps I misunderstood the isolation of theory, not including special circumstance fringe arguments, all of this will be resolved by the time we reach the end of Daniel's Final Week for sure) (after the death of Edward Leedskalnin, they reprinted, the book from Fulcanelli in the 1950s)
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Dream Seeker
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Re: Oak Island (Finalized Theory)

Postby g01deng@tes » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:07 am

Post Notre Dam - Discovery


1810 (year unknown) John Smith puts the engraved stone in his house as part of the fireplace. [4.20]

1845 A new company is formed, the Truro Company, including Anthony Vaughan, Dr. David Barnes Lynds, John Gammell, Adams Tupper, and Robert Creelman. Manager is Jotham McCully and foreman is James Pitblado. [5.39] [7.22] (formed in 1849 [4.25])

December 14 Death of Samuel Ball, former of 36 acres of Oak Island, at age 81. The property passes to his servant Isaac Butler, who changes his name to Isaac Ball. [7.6]

(The Beale Cipher is published (thomas J. Beale), someone is dead, in this case "Samuel Ball", and the timeline jumps from 1810 to 1845, this makes perfect sense....................(I solved many different cryptograms, many solutions are possible, right now ................... I don't have to acknowledge the accepted solution to the "Beale Ciphers" .................... I intend to do something else this will be hit or miss!).

Beale Cipher Solution = GPS coordinates in Oak Island
(there could be many hits or just a few)


(the 4 digit numbers in proximity to that is the legal statement .................. Latitude is in Red ........ Longitude is in Blue ................. the approximate location of the existing "Money Pitt" is reported) ................... I guess, ......... the figure of "1000" for the 10x Pitt, is in the relative location, that classifies as a legal answer, relatively speaking ................... there is no definitive way to debunk the 10x Pitt as being the original Money Pitt, that has been the theme of my inquiries.

The Beale Cipher Solved? Movie | Documentary

(theory ............... there is additional inscriptions in stone or writing somewhere inside the chamber below the 10x pitt ? .............. we've obtained one tablet only for the entrance but, the area maybe use a submersible, its cheaper then using people)
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Re: Oak Island (Finalized Theory)

Postby g01deng@tes » Tue Apr 30, 2019 3:13 pm


Weird or What? - Season 2, Episode 6 - Freaks of Nature

(Oak Island was typically behind closed doors in all historical accounts ................. with the titanic and jp morgan, as the historical reference for its last effective use as a teleportation center. The Titanic's Missionary Goal, was to the last reported location of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, or connected to its final destination ................. jp morgan, used his body has the mechanism to initialize the portal opening at Oak Island. He probably didn't have to die or anything like that, its an unseen energy intersection, left over from some time in the past when god touched the earth in a previous action thats all ...................... jp morgan was killed onboard the titanic, and god allowed that process to take place, the general reasons are "fustration of the gospel", or, a testimony god was going to give at an appointed time ............... he was most likely killed by jewish people ................ anything dealing with god's mercies has historically been isolated from jews and ethnics for those reasons ................... the exercise of financing and construction of the titanic lead to corruption, and eventually jp morgan's dead in a position god was not willing to rebuke.)

(In being a False Witness ................. God allowed JP Morgan to return to the committee hearing for the titanic, and it was documented the sabatoge, and a prophecy was given a statement in the form of the "Beale Cipher". The Portal Window is recorded that is the static in the photo. Oak Island was the testing ground historically, however, a larger and more sustainable effect is where the titanic was headed, the last location of the Malaysia Airbus Flight 370, that is the general trend)

(Isolating jewish and ethnic people, because of their inherent suicide is a modern and necessary trend of behavior ........................ the Titanic was sabatoged, JP Morgan threw everything he had to save some portion of the people, before he dissipated (into nothing) ................... bottomline is he had to react before the targeted location, and it just became contention with god, over his willingness to afford anything more or less)

(he was killed, and done away with, the offenders being unsatisfied, when to on blow a hole in the ship) (the people there onboard, had not reason to fear death, so I guess they stayed on board, everything else is a recorded controversy in history)

(beyond the titanic .................. there's nothing in modern history, except Ron L. Hubbard's mockery voyage across the globe or something ................... before that, Nicholas Roerich/Edward Leedskalnin/Arnold Toynbee (toynbee tiles), are more mockeries ................ that leads us to the events of today, we'll just have to see)
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