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Prophetic dreams?

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Prophetic dreams?

Postby Cricri » Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:04 pm

Hi everyone!

I’m new here, and I would need some insight from people who know a little about prophetic dreams. As a kid, everytime I dreamt of someone dying, my parents would learn someone we knew’s death in the following 3 days. I kept asking my parents if prophetic dreams were actualy possible and my mom always firmly told me not to be silly. She really didn’t want to talk about it. The dreams stopped when I became an adult, but they seem to be returning now for some reason.

Last july my best friend for the past 25 years (we met as little kids) stephanie was 38 weeks pregnant and I was supposed to take the trip and stay with her when she turned 39 weeks and up until a few days after the birth as she wanted me to be with her so bad. One night I had a very vivid dream, I was holding that baby in my arms, she was as blond as can be, with her little head tilted to the right. I woke up over the moon as if it was real! So I texted my friend in the morning to tell her and we laughed. But she called me 10 pm to tell me her water broke and she was heading to the hospital. She delivered a lovely blonde baby, and told me they had to use forceps because of something that had to do with her head tilted tonthe right. She even needed to see an ostheopath later on.

Fast forward to last monday. It was my grandfather’s birthday, I was 8 weeks 1 day pregnant. I dreamt of giving birth to a very dark skinned pitch black haired tiny tiny baby (my skin is very fair and I’m a redhead, huband has dark hair but skin isn’t that dark)who didn’t make a sound when they laid her on me. I passed out and woke up with the stroller I was planning on buying sitting next to my hospital bed, and as I reached to take my baby the stroller was empty. I freneticly called my mom who said “oh we just took her stephanie and I don’t worry we bought milk. I was angry and panicked and woke up angry. I was really hoping to be able to breastfeed this time so this detail may be important. I woke up thinking I had been shopping online too much. Last saturday I lost the baby, and when I passed the embryo, I was surprised at how dark gray/purple it was.

Now the dates are VERY weirdly linked. My due date was 11/11 which was my godfather’s birthday. The obgyn said the baby died 8 weeks + 1 (my grandfather’s bday, father of my godfather). I started to bleed badly, went to the er and learned I was loosing the baby april 6 th which is the day I was christened and my friend stephanie’s birthday.

I want to mention I am not a religious person at all, and nobody in my family is, besides my grandfather when he lived. My godfather wasn’t. I didn’t even had my son christened. My friend isn’t either and had her baby christened as a family tradition. I am the godmother.

Anybody reads something clear from all of this? Could I be having propehtic dreams? I had a very early miscarriage back in december and didn’t dream bout it, I was pregnant for a week at the most.

Last night I dreamt of 2 beautiful women swinging on a vintage wooden swing. One with a long flowing red dress and red hair, the other one with white dress and pale blonde hair. They looked like the same person but in different colors.
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DM Lurker
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Re: Prophetic dreams?

Postby Gus Who » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:54 pm

Okay ... basic thing you should know ... History with Prophtic Dreams ... Dates back a long time ago... and it goes to 'God' and "Destiny" ... v. the other side in which pretty much is no God.. (I coming from being able to see :infinity: such dreams) and therefore I tell you that it was written a long time ago, that in this time period ... God said that he give people such 'prophetic dreams' ... (Bible says it in Acts 2:16-19) but it dates back to the Jewish book ( Old Testament) ...

You might want to do your own "search" and come to terms with this crazy stuff :neer: ... but yes even "Ghosts" are coming through ... as that I take is 'Holy Ghost' sanction ... but yes, it's easier for a child to tune in too such ... as the other side says we're all :dummy" WACKOS...

... I was raised in a Catholic environment, though I try to take a neutral side ... well... to a point :lol: as your dealing with the Unknown, and everyone we'll find it hard too 'Looney Tune Inn" :infinity:

There are quite a few post dealing with the subject - Heere and other sites and places. Decide for yourself, tell your Mother ... she was wrong.

My :2cents:
Okay - I clearly warned everyone .. GLOBAL COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM...
Gus Who
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