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This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.


Postby mariotamer » Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:37 pm

So, I had been to this place before. And even seen a few of the people before. But the first time I wasnt allowed to join them. But it was like they didnt recognize me or something and i was trying to get out of what i believe was a cave. Im not sure how I got there, I just know I was. And there were booby traps. But the people wouldnt tell me the way through them to get out. But i knew I had been there before because i remembered the traps i just couldnt remember how to get through them. But to fail was to die so i decided to follow them to wherever they were going. There were probably 20ish people, i dunno. I only spoke to like 3 though. The leaders of the group if you will. So we end up in this massive enclave of sorts and at the far end theres an opening that seems to go deeper into the cave. But everyone is just setting their stuff up and getting ready. So i just hang out for awhile until where the opening is the rock starts to close into the shape of an eye. And this rock moves very fluidly, just like a normal eye. And like out of nowhere these 5 orbs appear in front of it each giving off almost blinding amounts of light, but you can still look. Red, blue, green, black and white. with black and white at each end. And this eye speaks to us. But into your mind. All it says is "Not yet". and the eye goes away but leaves behind the orbs of light. And at this point i go up to the guy that led me there and ask WTF did i just see and he doesnt really have an answer. just that he knew it was important. And even in the dream i remember thinking about my wife and how i wish i could tell her about it but also knew theres no way she can know about it at the same time. So we continue just kinda hanging out and eventually these orbs begin to give off light in patters and shapes and is reflecting off the walls of the cave and in my dream they are like open eye visuals but i know its a dream and its all in my head so these patterns and shapes and what i feel like are enlightening connections being made are in my head so. And i know its not just me because at this point its become like a party and everyone is dancing and just enjoying the lights. And i remember this one girl had a honeycomb shirt on and when the light would hit her, her should would come alive and the honeycombs would like popout of her shirt and i could see bees crawling all through it and on her. So we party in this cave for probably an entire day, i dont really know as i didnt have any sense of time. The lights eventually go back into the ground and we start to leave. and at this point i had been kinda accepted into the group but noone really said it but had this foreboding energy that if i revealed this place to people that they would kill me. So we navigate out way out through all these traps and when we get out i have no idea where im at still but theres water close. people riding bikes with no shirts so i know its warm and just life going on as usual. the group splits almost instinctively without saying a word. not daring even speak of what just happened. and at this point i begin to realize im a tourist. that while i had been there before i was only going off memory and had to go back home. so i go to a hotel and go to sleep because im absolutely exhausted. When i wake up im somewhere completely different. different age and everything. I was back with my family. But i wasnt married. I was younger. But i have no idea whats going on. Im asking my brother like where we are and how i ended up there. Answers arent making sense so i decide im just going crazy and need to take a shower. But i cant even find a towel. So im searching through the house not knowing where anything is and go in my brothers room and he freaks out. like im not supposed to ever go in there. And before i can get in the shower all the vehicles arrive with lights and i cant tell who they work for or anything and my brother looks at me and says "we have all made mistakes. and its time to go." I want to run but know that I cant because there are just sooo many of these people coming for me. I ACTUALLY woke up when they got to me and were putting me in the car to go with them.

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