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Getting a lift from a tornado

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Getting a lift from a tornado

Postby ClaireJLL » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:48 am

I'm on a bicycle in the small town where I now work and previously lived for 12 years. I'm riding an old-fashioned cruiser bike, the kind with the balloon white wall tires and handlebars that bend back toward the rider at the ends. I'm heading south toward the city down the main road through town, right in the middle of the 55mph 4-lane street. There are no other cars on the road, and everything seems calm and peaceful, with big fluffy white clouds drifting across a big blue sunshiney sky. I ride out from under the highway overpass, and I pass the bank on my left, which is followed by the Creekside development where rich people live in their mansions. I can see the long tree-lined drive for the country club just beyond the Creekside sign. That's when a white tornado appears on the horizon in the distance. I start to pedal faster, thinking that I better hurry to my cousin's house further down the street. That's when a big gust of wind picks me up on the bicycle and carries me about a hundred yards. As I'm floating on the wind, I continue to pedal, slightly nervous, but fairly sure I'll land and continue riding along once the wind subsides. I land gently and continue to pedal along. Moments later, I've almost reached my cousin's house, when I feel another gust of wind lifting me. At first I'm sure it will be just like the last one, and I continue to pedal, waiting to start descending again. Instead, I'm lifted even higher into the air, and I become scared that I won't be able to stick a landing from that height, and envision crashing down to the pavement. As I continue to rise, I look up and see clear blue sky through the vortex of the white tornado that has caught me and is sucking me up into the air. But then, suddenly, I'm gently lowered back to the road, and I find myself right at the foot of my cousin's driveway. I turn left into it, thinking I'm going to go tell them about the tornado and get everyone into the basement. Then I wake up.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Getting a lift from a tornado

Postby Clarity Psy » Sun May 05, 2019 1:59 am

I believe this dream was a Spiritual forecast of your faith and determination. You showed such strength and fortitude no matter the highs and lows of your situation and circumstances you had faith that you would reach your destination and be safe.

I think you were rewarded with gentle landings due to your continued belief in working hard towards your goals in life.

I feel that the first lift into the air is a possible sign that you will be tested with a upheaval in your work life? That won't last long due to the duration of lift into the air, you will land with flying colors!

The second lift which seem like you would be unable to land safely? Is a possible more personal upheaval that will feel impossible to fix, (but you saw a patch of blue sky, reflecting hope) and yet again, you landed gently! This means you are not alone and to never be afraid to ask for help.

I hope this helps and you find some parts that ring true to you. :)
Clarity Psy
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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