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Demon Serpent Trial

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Demon Serpent Trial

Postby fifthlore » Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:08 pm

Hanging out with a few people around the fire and then they start discussing about the time they went over to Egypt. They start talking about the “three sisters treasure” and I am naturally only curious.. they tell me it’s cursed and some old guy has it but he’s 80 and doesn’t grow a day older.forever 80, I say “bullsh*t not true surely you guys are messing with me” and they elaborate the proof and say it’s real so I got them to prove it as we set out on a adventure to find the old guy and his treasure.. couple of days later In what seemed like dream time considering dream time is fast, we knock on his door and his wife answers and he has two kids and the whole place seemed eery and off the old guy was super active from being super talkative and charismatic to zooming around on his hover board like the ones we have today and we got talking his wife fed us cakes etc etc and to b polite we would only mention the “three sisters treasure” last because it would’ve seemed rude but we got to the end of the conversation with almost nothing to say and we mentioned it.. his whole family stopped. Starred at us intensely and then sudden whispers came from the corner of the room and it was the “the three sisters” they were golden to the sight but also whitish/ grey. They started to talk to the old man and he relayed back to us and said “is that why you’re hear” and one of my friends who was with us tried to calm down the situation and the old guy cut him off and said for us to wait outside for a moment. So we did, outside was sunny and there was 12 odd people playing cricket and we watched them until they wanted to talk again we did contemplate leaving but we were to curious so we got called back in. And The Three Sisters spoke to all of us and told us we were to weak to posses the item and we could never hold its power due to our weakness and inability to fight and then I said “I can fight” the old man said “of can you” the room went silent my friends with a scarce face to them and the opposing family were starring at us immensely.. The Three Sisters I felt shifted there gaze to me and I glimpsed at the floor covered in smoke and shadow and I seen through it and saw a faint shape of what seemed to of been a snake that went straight through me and into my mouth, down into my belly and the moment it entered I had vivid images of past and future, evolution itself and many other things and I felt it talking to me saying stuff to prove it was right it was trying to cause doubt in myself, no doubt it was intense but I was fighting it and the imagery was beautiful but also intense, scary, euphoric and there was a moment were I almost couldn’t handle it anymore and I felt they were winning so I pushed again harder and fought back again I want to elaborate the imagery was beautiful I seen the stars, out biology and also seen a few rocket launches into space.. radio waves traveling further and further away from space and eventually we hit and stale mate and I woke up during the imagery but I can remember they did want to prove themselves right by making me forfeit from the intensity.. and yeah woke up during the images

Thanks for reading any who did, fair bit there I know Hahaha

What do yous make of it?. :lol: :dusto:
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