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Goodbye Oak Island

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:41 pm
by g01deng@tes
The Curse of Oak Island January 15 / 2019 Once In,Forever In

Part 1

The UFO Guardian Diagram ... and the Alien Head Crop Circle Show the Same "ratio" of information. With the Alien Head Crop Circle Providing more Detail Not less Detail. This information is generally assigned to the period of "Revelation". Moses Testimony, that leads to the Body of Jesus/Sign of Divorce. This argument can be applied to our Sun/Moon, Galactic Alignments, Uranus Pluto Square, and Yearly Cycles. (Generally, you can view this information as the MISSING LINK or relationship, between the human body that is holy, and God's action against Creation in rebuking the Generations of Man) (God Particle or True Unified Field to Junk DNA, in a round about way) (Noah's Rainbow, or our Moon the 9th Planet, and evidence in the universe, the 10th Planet - Surrounding "Three Days of Darkness", that reveals/disputes this argument, over the death of those genetic line clusters (jerusalem)).

(Before the Testimony of Moses - Final Relative 70 Years)


One Solstice Precessional Degree of 72 Years = 70 Relative Years for Daniel's Weeks to Years (Daniel 9:2)

This means, the Solstice Processional Alignment, and WOW Signal! (1977 ... 1980/1998/2012/2016) should correspond to the approximate end of Daniel's Weeks, which both terminate approximately, from, "Flight 370 - 2014 A.D. + "1290 and 1335" of Daniel to 5/21/2021". (The Turin Shroud of Jesus Burning 1997 ... Galactic Alignment 1998 ... is the real focal point, the WOW SIGNAL before this is off center, but a parallel ............. the Twin Towers after that is off center, but a Parallel).

Part 2 (ethnics and je*s, those genetic lines, are not learning anything, they are not teaching anything ........ they are on the attack, and most of them will die, and have to be killed .......... so your suffering because of your pleasure, but my testimony is not solely about your pleasure in ethnics and jews ........... corpses, the amount and quantity god euthanizes frequently in my name specifically, keeps you somewhat tamed, as we see what is necessary)


OAK ISLAND NEW! video footage of the treasure chests under Oak Island. Narrated by Dan Blankenship

Footage from the "Pitt 10x", this is apparently more important, then the Money Pitt. (You are Viewing the Treasure of Oak Island, its not really in this dimension, though, so it can't be found). God gave us a preview of the Treasure at Oak Island, and then God illustrated 9/11/2001 Falling Man Moses................the conclusion of Moses, is at the End of Daniel's Weeks. But Back to Oak Island, God used 9/11/2001 as the parallel, and the issue of Oak Island's Treasure will not be resolved until the end of Daniel's Weeks, when God revolves the "SEVENTH - Complete Prophecy of Daniel, during the "3 Days of Darkness" (if God does not accept the destruction of Jerusalem, but allowed humanity to live as a witness before its death, then you need to kill those genetic lines their populations clusters, until God gives way) (it only exists to promote suicide, and to attack my testimony, as the enemy of god and the enemy of man, then you must kill it, or face death).

Part 3 (God Provides the Treasure of Oak Island during "Three Days of Darkness", which means, God is not requiring the exchanges of nuclear weapons, or the elimination of the jew and ethnic population, Global Clusters, not expediently anyway, during this period of time) (Gentile Reign Dispute, or, Issac Newton/Halley Comet, Prophecy to 2060 A.D.)

LAPIS EXILLIS: Lost Secrets of the Illuminati - HD FEATURE

(Nicholas Roerich, hand drew many paintings about oak island, it doesn't mean we are to find treasure there, but rather the treasure is presented there. If we follow the UFO Guardian Diagram, the first two, "Money Pitt", and "10x", are based on earth, but the final discovery, the third discovery, when the "seventh shall die at three days of darkness", this is not a work of man...............with that being said, the land should be restored as an act of faith following the "Miami Circle" in Florida's restoration, Edward Leedslaknin's Original debated location for coral castle, or following 9/11/2001's example)


Edward Leedskalnin's Final Promise ... Oak Island (the treasure in the Hole 10x would be brought into this dimension, to be revealed, as true)
(Edward Leedskalnin's last known appearance, he declared, God would, resolve the "Three Days of Darkness", so it appears nothing at all happened, to begin the Gentile Reign/Halley's Comet/Issac Newton Prophecy. By Presenting the Treasure at Oak Island ................. this is to answer the USA's final betrayal of his testimony (shortly after or around roswell, ending in his death), by not directly imposing the nature of the jews and ethnics here in the usa or globally, that is a fight, that will have be settled later, as things continue to become necessary)

Re: Goodbye Oak Island

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:36 pm
by g01deng@tes
(Holocaust Prophecies)




Petra Documentary: Lost City Of Stone - Documentary HD

(Oak Island, really doesn't begin with Nicholas Roerich, Edward Leedskalnin, or the Third Reich)

(Oak Island begins, with "Petra", but God is not using Jerusalem, or Jordan, or that geographic area anymore, so there is a major triple A, parallel that is taking place)

God revealed to Moses shortly before his death, the "Third Temple" above a mountain. Immediately after this, Jerusalem wrestled in "Canaan", over the Lord's Temple which eventually became known as "Jerusalem"..................the jewish people are using "Petra" as a place they imitated the temple at, before reaching jerusalem.................this is where the legacy of "Oak Island" truly begins.

So far, the "Grail Stone or Pillow Stone", which is "Oak Island's Treasure", can become, God's Only answer to the "3 Days of Darkness", 42 years before Halley's Comet (or the great mill stone), marks God's ends to discerning the last generation. This is important in that God has a good chance of doing exactly this. (Its Humanities Job, to kill dead work and dead flesh, but when humanity fails short, who obtains the glory? the answer is god, to the degree in which he wants to continue to wrestle with the faithful, in saving them out of your graves ... ... ... ... the grail stone is discovered, and that is important, it may not point to science, but it does point to the dead flesh issue, what humanity decides to do what that until it dies, doesn't effect god's position)

(the law going beyond, "Daniel's Weeks", is not a sound position, it is almost a very blatant position of ignorance. But I will say something positive about this, in legal evidences) (the action is entirely god's)

(1970 to 1991 = UFO Guardian Diagram (God Wrote) + 70 years of Daniel 9:2 = 2061 Halley's Comet/Issac Newton Prophecy)
(49 Years of a Jubilee in 2012 will also go to Halley's Comet/Issac Newton's Prophecy)

Naturally, this is really, wrong. I mean to say, a "Jubilee" doesn't end daniel's weeks, just a relative 7 Year Period, God has revealed truth, continuously, ending with "Flight 370", too much rearrangements and evidence admissions have to take place to make those associations seem valid. This is what I can say to debunk this position! Of Making Issac Newton seem Valid!

Flight 370 the Beginning of Daniel's Final Week (1290 + 1335 Days), Ends, 12/21/2020 to 5/21/2021 (153 Days)
Flight 370 + 2300 Days of Daniel = 12/21/2020 (Three Days of Darkness)
(humanity is killed)

The Galactic Alignment, is what is God's Eyes? Its Roughly the Center of Daniels 70 Year Period, or 70 Weeks of Years, in which God concludes the last generation. (its a statement about revelation 7's 12,000 alignment of Joseph the Blessings) (this is also ancient civilization history).

1947 Roswell UFO to (flight370 in 2014 to 2017 for 1290 Days) 9/23/2017 + 1335 Days to 5/21/2021
Galactic Center Crossing/Solstice Precessional Alignment = 1980/1998/2012/2016 (Daniel's Prophecy Bridges this in 70 years, any other conclusion is FALSE)

Do we Cross the Galactic Center anywhere near 2060 A.D. Halley's Comet, the Answer is No, it cannot apply to Daniel's Prophecy (Revelation is False, it is not an addendum to Daniel's Prophecy)!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oak Island's Treasure the "Grail Stone")

When 2012 the Galactic Alignment took place, sure it was important, but it was not a precise measurement, from god's action with a sign, like 1947/ simply bridged the Galactic Center, and it touched the argument of Daniel's Prophecy....................But Halley's Comet has nothing to do with that, its for sinners, if anything, humanity will be long dead.

(Oak Island's treasure is probably gone, I mean there is nothing much to be found there. No Grail Stone or Anything. But why would it benefit humanity, if humanity is only going to die in less than 3 years, with or without the shame of my corpse on its hands also? ................... as far as the Jewish people go, they have no shame in promoting their suicide, understand? their prophecy of jerusalem's golden gates being destroyed and the graves opened, are their own graves! ........... but do you understand also, they wanted some solace with mankind, when God reacted, like with "Petra", redemption by the "Grail Stone" ................... but all of that is yesterday's generation, humanity will die soon!) (none of your lives are really that important, dead or alive, but all you really need to do is pray, maybe god will have mercy on you, but anything else from god, anyother expectation is completely false and easy to debunk)
The Primary Answer is this .............. Halley's Comet in 1986 marked the Solstice Precessional alignment in 1980/1998/2012/2016, which both marked the Galactic Alignment. The Galactic Alignment is near the middle and end of Daniel's Weeks, not the Beginning (Halley's Comet is at the Beginning) .................. this is all you need to debunk any of my statements about Halley's Comet, about a Sign from God, about humanity doing anything other then being put to death.

This is all you need to understand, that you will not discover anything important on Oak Island, the Prophecy is Completed, you see if God has no answer is there any profit in a sign or a vision? My Pain is humanities Only Answer! (in state and church funded, incest/rape/murder/suicide, until it dies) (and, if and when God decides to allow you the pleasure of having my corpse, it doesn't mean anything, you will still die with nothing .......... Nguyen Van Lem's greatest achievement was being put to death in the pleasure of your sin for the purpose of satisfying "nothing", so there are levels as to what is necessary (nothing), in your war with testimony of moses)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:52 am
by g01deng@tes
Goodbye Oak Island (Finale, which is a second treasure map!)

The Psychedelic Drug Movement in 1960s America - Full Documentary (720p HD) [Mr Bing]

**** Scientology, was really born in the 1960s. This was the third decade since the 1940s brought booms, in education, production, and economy. Competition increased, and the "Global Market" began to become a national impactful force.

It was during this time, between the 1960s and 1970s, that some people here and there, desired to esponge (remove) jewish culture .......... for the first time in american history, since WW1 and ww2, booms in the jewish population. they were not the source of contention, not directly anyway, nonetheless, people here and there desired to have jews, seen as the "quarter master". a kind of cultural police in the usa, for other groups. everyone like to say that the jews control all the money and the banks, and the politicians, but that is really not true at all.

(How do you control the Jews, to control american culture, and the booming foreign groups? Well, you get to the bottom of "Nicholas Roerich", the last holder of the "Grail Stone", get to the bottom of that, and then, you have your "Quarter Masters")

Oak Island Treasure III (OT III) (Nazis held the Grail Stone, first modern holder, then Nicholas Roerich, the second modern holder, now the quest to become the third holder of the grail stone!)


I believe this is genuine, and if this is the real deal, genuine. The numeral figures can be expanded from, feet, to yards, to miles, in the same ratio, going directly to the treasure. I think also, this is something, they discovered out of the scientology creator's personal records from years earlier after his death, and they puzzled about it, very often. I think coming out of the 1960s to the 1970s, he believed, he would become the "third holder of the grail stone", and use the information boom from that, to change the direction of the global economy, because that is the only object, readily accessible, he imagined would be able to do that. So it was the real deal, but, it was just something he bluffed, he never intended to do anything really. and he eventually died, by being poisoned to death something, these deaths, are usually always, betrayals and never clean at all.

(the only other treasure map to oak island is written in stone in coded letters, with variable meanings)

The "OT III" Document, talks about "Hawaii", and "Terrence Mckenna", died not to long ago, and he was fascinated with the Grail Stone, he died in hawaii too, i think. The Other location is Spain, nothing really important there, except the "norway spiral" miles away.


Ron Hubbard's ... "E-Meter", sure this has a lot to do with Oak Island, the device's blue print, doubles as a kinda map.

It was only the possibility of changing the age, that he put on the table, that was the basis for his work, but, it ended in foolishness, sin, and a bunch of flaming idiots, that is simply how that goes.

(from what I can understand, it was largely the, threat or possibility of having such a device, or trying to imitate it, for the correct answer, I believe this is tied to "Petra" and the Jewish wishes, of seeing God's mercies fulfill their journey, rather then just another piece of land) (and so that ends the story of Oak Island, and, 12/20/2020 end of daniel's weeks, nothing at all has to happen. God may just revisit this "Petra" issue, this is a legitimate prophecy from God ............... following its conclusion, the Oak Island treasure hunt, should be discontinued, if God wants humanity to have that, then, let God do it, or forget it ................ sometimes like Ron Hubbard, illustrated, the whole point is to cause people to pray, not to make any discoveries, and not to change this dying world!)

(I don't really care, but, I believe the authorities will develop an official position to debunk "Oak Island", they will dig immediately around the 10x Pitt, and find wood poles or artifacts scattered around there, they will claim there wasn't a "money pitt", and the treasture from the 10x Pitt, was melted down, added to the national treasury and then rediscovered, just like that) (your not really telling a lie, thousands of years ago, there was no internet, no real libraries, people had truths, and they made the best adjustments to what was available to them, and the went from there, that is what most of human history is about) (time to shut this project down for good, in 2019)
(and that ends this discussion, with a real, not a fake, treasure map)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:31 pm
by g01deng@tes
(Oak Island Treasure, Was Officially, Unearthed, and then Reburied, in the same spot (haha))

(Off Topic)


The Transformers The Movie 1986 Animation movies for kids

(the man they could not hang, could not die)
In the 1920s, the structure with assortment of sculpted stones was located in Florida City; then, in the mid-1930s, Leedskalnin hired a truck with a driver to move it to its present location on a 10-acre (4.0 ha) site in the adjacent Homestead, Florida. On November 9, 1951 he checked himself into Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Apparently, Leedskalnin suffered a stroke either before he left for the hospital or at the hospital. He died twenty-eight days later of pyelonephritis (kidney infection) at the age of 64. His death certificate noted that his death was a result of "uremia; failure of kidneys, as a result of the infection and abscess."

Gas Laws - Total Recall

-End of off Topic

Why was the Treasure Hastily Reburied in the Same Location, Good Question?

Presidential Candidate John McCain Dies

(Edward Leedskalnin or Nicholas Roerich, was involved, or both. We, or they, could not activate the device, but, when they learned what it was designed to do, they reburied it, and silenced the people.......................the "Pole Shift"/"Cosmic Shift", has elements that involve our sun and earth's moon......................but in God's Eyes.................humanity is the center of the universe, and humanity must make the buying decision, not an angel or a fallen angel)

(The Earth's Chakra/Energy Network is, very real and actionable, and this is how God generally makes these kinds of decisions.......................)

(Nguyen Van Lem was killed by a priest close to the pope, but after (the pope), petitioning the kings of the earth ................. if that is not the kind of answer you can obtain, at Oak Island, then satan in his pride will not undermine his authority .................. satan will not also risk, the public gaining the knowledge)

(Oak Island, will, once again fail, to find its treasure ................... they are intimidated, to do anything more or less .................... so not only is the treasure in the same location, it is undisturbed, and the land as well is has not been disturbed that much, as well)

(They won't take the area from you, immediately, but they will, and they will also rebury the area ................. sometimes, the way the relationship is assessed, ultimately ends in the same conclusion. Sometimes, I can know the future with certainty)

(Sometimes, it is better, to turn everything into a prayer from God, and to perhaps terminate the search for the treasure of Oak Island, you may not be intimidated by my understanding of the law.....................these are unfaithful people, this is the nature of man, this is not a decision god wants answered by an angel or by a fallen angel................this is beyond the final conclusion of Oak Island, beyond the final conclusion of Ron L Hubbard's defeat at hands of the kings in soliciting the action and providing the truth, as to the, "end of days") (as we continue to see, what becomes necessary)

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:34 am
by g01deng@tes
(nuclear waste disposal - taking away, the last, tiny bit of credibility that i have !) (Round 2)

BBC Horizon 37-11 The Mystery of the Miami Circle (narrated by Michael Lumsden) (25 Jan 2001)

This Concrete Dome Holds A Leaking Toxic Timebomb | Foreign Correspondent


What did the United States bury under tons of Nuclear Waste?


(Edward Leedskalnin's original Coral Castle, was located, at the Miami Circle ................ jewish and ethnic euthanasia, and their desire to kill and destroy Edward Leedskalnin, and a bunch of idiots wanting to see what was going to be necessary. Were Euthanized, and Coral Castle was Moved by Hand, Stone by Stone, to its current resting place......................(It was only the Coral Castle's Gate, that was excited like the "Grail Stone Mystery in Oak Island" ................... immediately after his passing (he could not die), the united states, removed the Gate, and burried it under tones of nuclear waste, in some isolated location)

What happens today? With jewish and ethnic mass suicide, and the oak island mystery, an object that cannot be moved? (well, nuclear waste is brought to oak island immediately in a containment construction project, if you don't want armies of idiots to have to deal with, they used nuclear waste to conceal the energy signature, I don't believe your an idiot, but sometimes the idiots stumble on the right solution, of being blind)

Terminator 2 Judgment Day - Full Opening Scene

(Right now, the people believe in my honest and sincerity, of both euthanasia of millions of american citizens, and, the necessity of jewish and ethnic holocaust, and I cannot be stopped. It is god will to give me power and is also god's will not to put me into that situation, but to have humanity resolve its "seed population for the new earths, in a trial by faith") (the people, the suicidal people, the authorities of this earth ............... don't believe they truly desire to exercise of using force against me, enough, to empower me, to do what is necessary) (..................the ensign of nations according to isaiah's prophecy, will use god's mercies to address mankind, and mankind will choose suffering and pain, or, it will choose to be faithful in answering god, so that is what will happen) (unfortunately, defending you, or the position, doesn't concern me, but as to what happened, you have until 12/21/2020 to both unearth, and secure the area with nuclear waste, if you don't want a problem with the people and nations, you won't be able to handle)

(There are two people mentioned in Ron Hubbard's "OT III" = Oak Island Treasure 3rd Discovery and Holder ........... first was hawaii for terrence mckenna, that was foolishness, the second, was spain for the foolishness of an angel (that means, evidence of god, in the sin of the people, that, nobody claims or ties to a prophecy, or something like that) (Nuclear Detonation Equivalent, here multiple times in the usa, for its population, ethnics and jews, that example is what stopped your suicide campaign against edward leedslaknin) (that is where they got the idea, after his passing)

bruno borges - Bjork Stalker


Seconds From Disaster S01E08 Inferno In Guadalajara

(Your dealing with living corpses, that is how they are classified, jews,ethnics, a good deal of people) (this isn't the platform to engage the argument, it has to be done faithfully) (if they want to die, the usa and its ethnic people, I am the only answer for that)

(9/11/2001, is an illustration of my authority, god intends for me, that is not a negotiation or a dispute .............. you don't have much value living, but as I said, the argument will be approached a different way)

(When God exposes the 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS, that maybe resolved with nothing happening at all, no, "Earth Chakra Network Excitation", but that means "Oak Island's Treasure will be Exposes for whatever duration" .................... if they believe ................. containing this area in nuclear waste materials, building concrete, around that, then, maybe that is viable ............... for eventual learning purposes)

(Jewish and ethnic euthanasia, the bjork stalker performed, God blessed, and later revealed the testimony involved in that, "MASTER MORYA" (oak island-petra), is equated to (Moses at 3 days of darkness) ................. humanity may not choose to settle its suicide problem with me, over suicide and genocide of itself, perhaps beginning here in the usa ................ but humanity will be exposed to this issue however briefly, and, since I have no interest in this earth or its chakra network, humanity will see only you, only oak island as the threat ..................... and it will be burred in nuclear waste this time, to conceal the signature, and if that isn't done already, following historys pattern, most recently with edward leedskalnin)

(during the 3 days of darkness, many ethnic and jewish people's will be killed out of necessity, so many peoples..................and that is about 1 to 5 percent, magnitude of the activated chakra network of this earth, the oak island mystery is connected can't fight the world, but you can make it ignorant according to its own admission of guilt)

(moving forwards, god's mercies I will employ, do not involve this earth, when I am provided those provisions from god, for the issues of this seed population ............... humanity can continue in its suicide, it means nothing to me or to god .................... the conviction of god's mercies is an extension of the salvation program...................and if that is what the jewish/ethnic/idiots believe, and that is true and legal......................they will come down much hard not only on oak island if that istrue, but on other places, but namely oak island)

(I made the legal claim that I had the authority to debunk OAK ISLAND, and to force its closure, and to seal the area so nobody seeks an answer for that, ever again..........................this is the natural course of human behavior you have to deal apart of my statement is true and apart of it is false, time is running out for the exposure of oak island to the nations, regardless of your choice, 12/21/2020 ................. the treasure must be excavated, and secured, to try to keep these people blinded, maybe come back to that argument another way, maybe not) (everything I said is invalidated, and I am wrapping up this discussion, I forgot to do that, a few times already!)

(Don't be a Hero, Don't be anything more then an idiot, and learn to turn your head in the other direction, as these people keep hurting me, and committing suicide, even if nobody understands, as to what will become necessary, and soon)

(Public Safety) .................... sometimes a negro, ethnich, jew of anykind, and their people will suffer right infront of me, or miles around me, and sometimes some of them die, until I make it clear they need to stop being a false witness, and stop hurting me .................. sometimes I don't make things clear to the jewish and ethnic people, and you need to deal with that ..................... god is changing the position of, how suicide is handled (in the chakra network of this earth, in the field argument of joseph the blessings, which isn't present, but as an attachment, isolated to me only) .................... so you don't have much of any choice but to settle the mystery of oak island before 12/21/2020, before you have the full international attention, and their armies, filling that whole island with nuclear waste, so that it is uninhabitable!) (the position is not in my point of interest, and because the people know that, both the good and the bad people, that is an issue that will be settled there, perhaps later)

(I'm going to city hall in the city of philadelphia for ethnic cleasning, specifically, and any force used against me is a bonus, so I was briefly disturbed by this discussion, on my way to my traditional assisted suicide practices, for the benefit of the people, now, the argument will change soon)

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:35 am
by g01deng@tes
Oak Island - Debunking Status - Upgraded to "Fake Mail"*

The Cursed Hope Diamond (Documentary)

The Grail Stone, Lapis Exillis, it whereabouts are the subject of Oak Island. Between Nicholas Roerich, and, James Forrestal:

The Strange Death of Majestic 12 Member James Forrestal - What Did He Know

The Grail Stone, Lapis Exillis, was concluded in that day...................there's no other official entries.

(The Coral Castle's Gate the usa disturbed, or whatever piece of it, and burried under tons of Nuclear Waste, according to the instructions of Ron L. Hubbard, are just a controversy, or the account is unverified) (most likely this was not the Grail Stone, but something similar)

"The Cursed Hope Diamond" is either the Grail Stone itself from Oak Island, or it isn't, the account is unverified. Or its fake.....................

Evalyn Walsh McLean, who was often seen wearing it. It was purchased in 1949 by New York gem merchant Harry Winston, who toured it for a number of years before giving it to the National Museum of Natural History in 1958, where it has since remained on permanent exhibition.

Nicholas Roerich died around 1947 to 1949, the last holder of the "Grail Stone", this account may be entirely genuine or entirely fake. "The Hope Diamond", possible, flushed down into Oak Island, but after it was taken out, fell into the esoteric world. This account is entirely true and genuine, (or satan made a perfect forgery after Nicholas Roerich's death, when the Grail Stone mysteriously vanished)

What is even better and more important then the Grail Stone's Quest, and Oak Island Treasures?
(there is only one answer to that, and a legal contender............)


To compound the strangeness, HP could find no microscopic scratches on the crystal that would indicate it had been carved with metal instruments. Experts believe that successfully crafting a shape as complex as the Mitchell-Hedges skull is impossible; as one HP researcher is said to have remarked, "The damned thing simply shouldn't be."

Descendant of the Last Crystal Skull Holder - Anna Mitchell-Hedges
(Anna is seen with the "Hope Diamond or Grail Stone", but in order to debunk it, back to topic)

JV & Elvis - Woman Speaks To Aliens (Nancy Lieder)

Anna Mitchell-Hedges, had one daughter, may not be true. But the legend is this, that Nancy Lieder's 7of9 Pole Shift Map, was originally taken from a projection of the crystal skull.

(Public Safety Message Note)

( ... l/5016114/ ............................ .................. the ni*ger, the state funded incest/rape/murder at my address program, the police department conspired for sodomy or other, ends up, trying to rape and kill, a school full of toddlers or something, very funny. ............... Jewish people have learned to use ethnics better, then themselves, so they are not really seen as the enemy of the people in using force against me, that is a adaptation from WW1 and WW2, maybe this is the year the Jewish People will fall and an enemy of god and man, along with the ethnic people and their terrorist diversities) (the n*gger, in the article, is a police officer, sometimes the jewish people ethnics, want more then suicide in secret as a result of hurting me, they want, authentication, and sometimes that fails ............... my claim true or false, is between me and the police department, philadelphia police department or other, you will not get to the bottom of this issue, and, we'll see what is necessary, "again and again" (when there is a mass murder, I will contact the people directly in that area using the yellow pages, we'll see what becomes necessary, in ethnic and jewish euthanasia)

(Back to Topic) (a n*ger police officer, after being a false witness against me, goes to commit genocide ........... we'll have to settle this problem of authority at a later time) (or we'll see what is necessary)

(now ................... you don't have to give me authority, but of God says, the Crystal Skull's Information can be unlocked with the, "Hope Diamond", try not to disturb me, but see to this yourselves .................... and if there is a problem or controversy, god will give me authority, so handle the matter in secret ................... billions or millions of lives will die, there is no hope for these people, as we continue to see what is necessary, approaching 12/21/2020 to 5/21/2021 (three days of darkness at 12/21/2020)

(the next time I give instructions to the people to contact the authorities, call the police (then tell the police departments to stop hurting me), call the emergency services (tell your politicians to stop hurting me), tell them to stop hurting me, then be a good citizen soldier, and do that, let me see how many god kills, in addition to our weekly euthanasia of the jewish and ethnic people, as they keep hurting me)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:26 am
by g01deng@tes
(Full Debunk + Revised)

Christopher McCandless's Revelation about Oak Island

“Forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” Although no rubbings were made of the stone’s inscription, some believe that the cryptic markings may have been copied down at some point. The only supposed copy of the inscription on the 90-foot stone surfaced in April 1949 (is the year the "Hope Diamond" was moved to New York's Museum)


The Symbol "DREAM', shows us the "Money Pitt's" location. The Column to the Far Right with the 5 Dashes and Empty Space, shows us the "10x" Pitt, it is empty on the bottom in a small watery cave.

Inside the hole "10x" which is completely dug down, we see the name "BLUE BERRIES", meaning the "HOPE DIAMOND" because that is blue.

Inside the Money Pitt, indicated by the word "DREAM", we perhaps have a structure, a spiral stair case, stone formation, that may lead to another chamber

(The Final And Complete Answer, does not give us the full answer that the "Hope Diamond" is the solution to Oak Island, it may be, or it has something to do with that, the accounts are very similar, or maybe the accounts are the same!) (there was a large wooden "U" structure they dugg up near smiths cove, matching the treasure map location relative to the money pitt on christopher's map we have in view)

(I believe this is what happened................the "money pitt" was dug down, an they had access to the chamber, later on after it gained was sabotaged, and a tunnel was dug to the water inlet where "10x" is located, to collapse the entry way and flood it with water....................i believe the collapse was engineered that way, they discovered evidence of underground water path, and used, they used Nuclear Waste, and Tons of It, for the Gate itself or a piece of the gate, they took from Edward Leedskalnin's Coral Castle....................they didn't want to draw attention to oak island, so they didn't do exactly that, but, that shows us the malicious intent when it comes to, the earth's chakra network exposure, to however a degree, and those genetic lines, that promote suicide, their contention over this issue)

(Now the Hope Diamond was feature in this movie scene)

poltergeist 3 (1988)- ending! HD

(Hope Diamond is the Solution to Oak Island? Or it was the "Key" that was removed from the "Money Pitt" (thats not the exact indication), or else it is the treasure of Oak Island? (Ron Hubbard's Statement says, "Hawaii", that is where Terrence Mckenna died, however, Christopher McCandless, is the person that has the association in the account to Oak Island, and he does claim, the "Hope Diamond" is tied to at least the "10x" Pitt) (when oak island's treasure search is abandoned, this will become the legal answer .... all controversies will be resolved)

Re: Goodbye Oak Island

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:31 pm
by g01deng@tes
(Everyone wants the title of, Jewish Genocide, 2019 = 1290 of Daniel, then the Following Year 1335 or 3 Days of Darkness is revolved in Jerusalem's Destruction) (in reality, Flight 370 marked those dates, this is another characterization) (will Oak Island take the title of Jewish Genocide in the Grail Stone?) (state funded incest/rape/murder/suicide, is the usa, attempt for the title jewish genocide, that is one contender, the war on terrorism is another contender) (as we continue to see, what is necessary)



(The Map shows a path way from "Smith's Cove", directly into the direction of the Money Pitt Chamber, or directly into it) (Not to long after the discovery, there will be an immediately and effective jewish holocaust) (everyone is waiting globally for this to happen)

With that said, the treasure of oak island identified with the "Hope Diamond", but the rest of everything else is a prophecy about the "3 Days of Darkness", its become simply a belief and nothing more! (nightly walk, ethnic euthanasia tonight, city hall philadelphia, then i'm toning down this behavior, until, i see more force used against me in euthanasia)

Re: Goodbye Oak Island

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:35 am
by g01deng@tes
(Oak Island Review) (man's natural sin, so biblically there are only two dominant personalities in the bible, one is jews, the other are ethnics ... ... ... ... the causality rate is high, and the spiritual reasonings with mankind generally becomes, "they all have to die", as the remedy for their sin ... ... ... ... this is also apart of man's natural sin ... ... ... ... I've said little about the "chakra network", and its effects on humanities junk dna chains, and penchant for uncleanness in joint convictions ... ... ... ... that kind of shock happens all at once, because you are, grossly guilty of promoting suicide, and silencing truth, and concealing corpses for large groups of people using force against me, but back to topic])

Total Evidence Argument Leans towards the 10x Pitt, and there is a reason for that (still not convinced anything beyond the 10x Pitt is important)


(Flip the Stone Tablet Upside down, the "Triangle" Below the Cross, will align to the "Stone Triangle, above South Shore Cove" on the Map, I didn't mark this position ... ... ... ... "Alpha Centauri has Three Stars in it, like Orion that touches Taurus" .................. "Taurus" was compared to Oak Island? Any Position can be Correct on that, but at least we have a reference in the stone tablet directly) (making the 10x Pitt more significant then the Money Pitt, or any other feature on Oak Island)

(I think this is what happened, most recently)

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 9 + 10 Preview: Fingers Made of Stone

(These are "Toynbee Tiles" from "Arnold Toynbee", he was caught up in the whole, Edward Leedskalnin to Nicholas Roerich to Arnold Toynbee, in the Esoteric World of that day, that got itself tied up into the Grail Stone) (And those tiles generally say, "9/11/2001 Falling Man Moses, Resurrect Dead on Oak Island", (Three Days of Darkness)

The Causeway that leads to Oak Island was built around 1965, that leads to Oak Island, that is probably tied into the Hole 10x's excavation, that activity in the Earth's Chakra Network, is probably what drew modern attention to that area, we can tie this into the "Nguyen Van Lem" 1968, and "The Shard" seen on the Moon in 1967 ............... that is the association. God used the body of the son of man to complete a judgment .................. the only thing that maybe coming up is, the "Three Days of Darkness", (it's already happened, or it doesn't happen, or it happens). Activity in Oak Island will follow, this pattern, and that points to 12/21/2020. The Activity involves the Chakra Network, and may reveal the "Grail Stone" that is there, at that time.

There are Three General Solutions for Oak Island, no more!

1. The Treasure is really the "Hope Diamond" in New York City (and the Master Building in NYC, with "R.M." for Raypoz Mabus, really identifies with Constellation Centaurus, it shape, which ties itself into the museum that currently holds the "Hope Diamond" in a location pattern)

2. Oak Island is sacred Ground and until the Money Pitt and Hole 10x is restored, meaning filled up, and the damage restored, the treasure will not be revealed

3. God revealed his intention of, allowing man to contend with the "Grail Stone" once against surrounding the Testimony of Moses. Which took a sharp turn in Nguyen Van Lem 1968, then 9/11/2001, but the most important event is the "3 Days of Darkness", it is during that time the "Grail Stone" will fall into the possession of man again.
There is currently a literal, "Treasure", on Oak Island that is burried somewhere physically, is not a viable conclusion and there is no evidence for it. The only conclusion that support all the evidence in view, is that there is a "Treasure on or in Oak Island" that will be revealed (again), but has not been revealed as of now, the requirements for the action (from god), have not happened as of this moment.

(We are back to the conclusion of shutting down Oak Island's Treasure Quest, and restoring the Island before 12/21/2020, and, answering, "sin", by abandoning that position, and proclaiming in a indirect way, that God has to perform the work, and provide the treasure, which he's indicated, but we'll have to see if that is true)