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Chasing me Around

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Chasing me Around

Postby BlackCupcake » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:46 pm

For context, I am a Filipino woman, age 22. I just had this dream where I was visiting my relatives in the province. While I was giving them "mano po" (a norm here in the Philippines) to the elderlies, I said something very dumb to one of them "Are you pregnant?" Then all of them somehow got pissed at me and stared at me with those tired but angry eyes. A voice in my head teasingly told me that I should run and I bolted out of there before they could even stand up from their chairs. I was running up the stairs and halfway there, I turned around and see them surprisingly very quick on my tail. I also saw a wire lying on the stairs following me then I realize I have headphones on. I pulled the wire and run out of there. When I got out the streets, I run into a boy that came from football practice. He had the uniform and all. I pulled him to run with me, he runs at first but then, he sat with an older couple talking about some personal stuff. I sat down with him and listened. After a while, I saw people who were chasing me so I pulled him to run again. We were running until we found a public bathroom that was rundown and probably no water. We hid in the stalls, I locked the door and put my feet up on the toilet so no one could see it, the boy was in another stall. When I thought that the coast is clear, I opened the door but then loud footsteps could be heard so I pulled the door back into its place and when I was about to lock it, he pulled it open. The boy I was with hit the big guy with a fire extinguisher then we ran. While I was running, I lost him then all of a sudden, I was in a barn. I tried to hide behind a wooden house but lots of dogs. There's this woman who is instructing the dogs to find me and saw dogs that are surrounding me and actually hiding me from her sight. I held one dog to hide me from her. She was talking to a guy who said that I am not here but the dogs stay in one place together. When the woman and the man walked out, I bolted out and just run in circles. The woman almost caught me twice and she also told me that I might as well give up now. I managed to find a gate and a different woman, she looks just like me with a white dress and we both went forward to the gate and someone went to open it. I woke up after that
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