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Weird dream

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Weird dream

Postby aliciagold » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:01 am

I had one of those dreams where I just couldn't get where I was going. Roadblock after roadblock, followed by wrong turns into sketchy areas of town. My car stalled and when I got out to check under the hood, a group of ten gangbangers basically kidnap me and take over my car. I was driving them where they wanted to go. And I looked back to see one of them eating my left over ravioli from a restaraunt. And I flipped my shit. Because no one messes with my food. I woke up angry and hungry.
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DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Weird dream

Postby Indigo Veil » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:56 am

You are dreaming about your present life. You haven't been able to reach a goal(s). And consciously or unconsciously, you are mad as hell that your life is out of you control, that it has literally been hijacked. Perhaps it's been other responsibilities that you couldn't get out of, perhaps you've had to compromise in order to keep your job, perhaps family is putting a lot on you. Whatever. You feel like you aren't the one calling the shots, and no matter how hard you look for a solution, no matter how much you search for an answer, you just keep hitting the dead ends of a maze.

First, the dream is healthy. It will help you work through this issue on an unconscious level.

Second, knowing what it's about gives you the opportunity to deal with things up front. Get a journaling book, even a simple spiral notebook. Don't worry about this getting messy. Each day, write a little. Start by listing your most important goal . Set it off by putting a curly window around it, or using a different color pen, or if you are a no fills kind of person, underline it twice. Now we are going to write down steps how to get there. Usually I have people start with positive steps, but since you are at a stage of frustration, I suggest we move to step two. On your page, write in all caps: REMOVE OBSTACLES. On the next line, write a number 1. and then write what one of your biggest obstacles that goal is. You might as well be detailed and get it out of your system! :) Skip a line and begin drafting possible solutions. You don't have to choose what you are going to do yet -- they are simply possibilities. It helps you see that you are not hopeless. Some of them may be very difficult to do. But all of them should be possibilities. Don't write down silly things like "win the lottery." Skip a line between each idea -- staying neat will help when you go back to re-read later. When you finish this section, reviewing it each day and thinking it over becomes part of the plan. You don't have to race into a premature decision, but the idea is to finally have you do something different that will give you a different dream and a happier life. At the end of this section, skip a couple of pages before beginning your next goal. That way you can come back and add more thoughts if needed as the goal progresses.

Note: If you are a perfectionist, use a word processor, my dear!
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Indigo Veil
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