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my moms bewitched bracelet

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

my moms bewitched bracelet

Postby JayRoo » Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:58 am

Hi guys!

I hope this post is clear to understand & I'd luv feedback, any really.
Please do not hesitate to ask or respond, in case u have questions!

So, there it goes: I dreamt that I was back in my parents apartment & I was going through my mum's jewel box in her drawer & there I found a small wooden box with a silver bracelet inside.
The bracelet had the initials of my twin sister & I engraved on 2 silver little plates hanging of it & also many pearly leaves were dangling of it.

I did not dare to touch it & so I put the bracelet in a bowl in the sink to rinse it off its badness, as it gave off these strong negative vibes, as if it had been bewitched.
This I felt very strongly in my dream & I strangly was certain about my knowledge that the bracelet had been created for me & my twin back as early when we were born & it held a curse towards us to manipulate & harm us.
So I was pretty scared of this piece of jewelery & when I washed it (without ever touching it though) it gave off this thick lilac fluid, which I washed down the sink.
My mum was present in the apartment & so I was extremely cautious to not let her know what I was doing, everytime she was passing me by with her usual "everything is just fine"-friendly demeanour.

In my dream I also called my twin & did some research on our home PC, where I just stumbled across weird encrypted files; spiritually rotten in a way. My sister was excited about my findings & I was scared to get caught by my mum, so with my sisters knowledge, I went back into my room & stepped out on my balcony I used to have.
There I put the bracelet, still in the bowl I had rinsed it off in, on fire & also set fire to some piece of paper that were in the wooden box & had some evil things scribbled on them.

brief background maybe: In real life my mum has & probably still does work with dark energies & unfortunately she did severly abuse us accompanied by our stepdad, but they never had or would validate this. Therefore we had to cut ties. So maybe this helps in understanding some aspects of the dream.

I'd be thrilled to read what any of u guys think about this!

Sending positive vibes to whomever is reading this!

& also BIG LOVE to all the abuse/ trauma survivors out there!! Life really can become better afterwards!

All the best, JayRoo xoxo
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