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Weird night

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Weird night

Postby Flagg » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:02 am

That night (Sat 24th Feb) started off as a quiet one, with me and my girlfriend just staying home, and going to bed around 23.
She fell asleep after an hour of chatting, while I stood awake for a while more, just relaxing with her sleeping in my arms, then I napped a little without really falling asleep, as I often do.

Around 3 a.m., she starts to mumble about some "hot air balloon in the form of a tooth" and seems to be awake, so I exit my torpor-like state to listen to what she's saying. It immediately strucks me that she's acting like a 6 yo. Still sleepy and talking about two naked people on the hot air balloon, she asks me for sex in a weird childish demeanor, insisting that she wants my baby and, if it turns out to be a problem since we are both very young (I'm 21 and she's 19) she'll just dump the baby. At first I think it's just some kind of weird kinky roleplay and go along with it. I stop when she's done, but I avoid "finishing" myself.
We try going back to sleep, but after a while she starts crying like a baby about how the bathroom door scares her, and we change position so that I'm on the door's side to protect her, and we finally get to sleep.

Around 5 a.m., I'm dreaming of a dark space which I know, though I can't perceive it, extends infinitely in all directions. Such infinity is occupied by an immeasurable structure in the fashion of the Eiffel tower, but no defined shape, formed by intersections of metal beams: the metal is dark, but I can't define the color, since I'm colorblind; the weird fact here is that, tho I actually am, I've never been in my dreams, where I'm always fully aware of colors; back to the metal, it is extremely rough, like it was not fashioned or smoothed at all, and it produces metal-like bubbles, which become hundreds of eyes with catlike pupils. Every beam is indefinitely long, with a triangular base, and tends to get thinner on one end; all beams meet an undefined number of other beams on both ends, forming cells like those of an honeycomb, yet devoid of any geometrical sense. Every beam is illuminated on every side by a white light coming from every and none direction, yet such light is incapable of cutting through the blinding darkness of space.
Such structure horrifies me even more when it comes to its size, for a strange phenomenon occurs: while it, in its infinity, appears to be extremely contained and the beams look like thin strings in tension, the same beams also trap me in those honeycomb cells, pressing against my body with the size of temple columns and in more points than those consented by their disposition around one cell.
It's then that I get struck by an excruciating pain that in just a brief moment soothes to unease of body and mind, and I realize I'm physically present both outside of the structure and wholly contained in several cells, and my conscience extends on each. What fills those cells, tho, is not my flesh and bones, as the feeling might suggest, but what I can only describe as hollow solids made of colorful glass mosaics in a guise similar to the windows of a church, every face shining from a light both inner and coming from outside. Every one of these "tokens" represents a creature, some humanoid and some clearly not of this earth though I wouldn't be able to describe them, for just by thinking about them shifted my conscience to their point of view making me loose awareness of anything but their instincts, which were in most cases predatory towards other "tokens". It was this way that I discovered I could, as these tokens, move through the empty cells in a peculiar way that consisted in forcing my glass bodies through the metal bars, shattering, and instantly ricomposing in an adjacent cell. Additionally, I understood there were other tokens spread around the net, many of which not under my control, and everyone acted simultaneously, trying to perform their duty, be it of destruction or otherwise.
It was then that, as I felt the unease of cold metal bars pressing against my flesh turn to pain, my eyes caught a beam of light cutting through that monstrous structure, and following its vector I found another token, not far from the one I was inhabiting, from which the icon of what seemed like some sort of priestess, wearing white robe and golden jewels formed by three pendants each, wielding some kind of monile in one hand and a staff in the other, emitted that very ray of light from said staff, pointing it toward me.
I then opened my eyes, waking up, but the vision didn't vanish: the unbelievable reality that I was stuck in overlapped what my open eyes could see, filling the real room with quasi-real metal beams covered in eyes.
My girlfriend was on my side, terrorized by my delirious blabbing and my tears, as the token of the priestess superimposed on her.
We both remember me asking her to not touch me, for every physical contact in the real world became freezing pain in the vision, yet to stay with me and guide me out of that horrid dimension, for only her help could save me.

Discussing what happened with her, later, she couldn't remember anything that happened during her infantile regression, but remembered the hot air balloon being in the form of the half top of a tooth, and testimonied the horrifying torment of my sleep.
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