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Weird dream about dying and coming back to life

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

Weird dream about dying and coming back to life

Postby cecicool.99 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:58 am

I had taken poison unknowingly one day. I was walking around a hospital visiting someone I assume and I had dropped and a nurse checked my pulse and declared I was dead. I watched myself from a different standpoint as they hauled my body onto a gurney and place a sheet over me with my mom, dad, and sisters watching. I walked down to the morgue where I saw my body being embalmed and drained of blood. I followed my mom in spirit and she could talk to me, hear me, touch me, and see me. I followed them to a funeral home and as they were getting my funeral arranged, my stepdad decided it would be a good idea to take my sisters to Disney since it was right outside the funeral home. My mom was talking to me and asking what I would like in my funeral and even a few of my band friends had come to help her. I told her that I’m going to go take a walk and I’ll meet up with her later. I walked down a long road that I could see a mall and target in the distance and I looked up at the sky and saw birds flying around and flies everywhere. I looked to the side and saw a body in a ditch. I ran over to it and I saw that it was me. I touched my forehead and all of a sudden I opened my eyes and I was alive again. I freaked out and called my dad to pick me up. He and I had the same spiritual connection like my mom so he thought it was me as a spirit and not me alive. I asked him to drive me to target so I can wash up and go to the bathroom and I would find my way back to my mom’s. He had no idea and I didn’t plan on telling him it was really me. I walked into target and I had mud all over me and stuff in my hair and I walked straight to the bathrooms and tried washing off. My muscles were very lose so I couldn’t move around very well and I was very wobbly. I finished the best I could in target and I walked out the back and started walking towards my mom’s house. I entered the neighborhood and it was a mobile home, not where she lives now and the setup looks exactly like my grandma’s condo now. I walked to the street and surveyed the streets to make sure no one was looking for me and I tried my best to get home. I got to the door and I felt myself getting tired and more wobbly and I tried opening the door and when I did I fell forward and landed in front of the kitchen where my mom, stepdad, and their friend were sitting. I could see my mom’s face and she fell forward to hold me and see if I was really alive. I heard my stepdad say that they should check the hospital to see if it was really me or what happened that I was thrown into a ditch.
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