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My Early Visit To Home ~ My Strange Dream of Unknown Meaning

This is the forum to talk about your prophetic dreams, healing dreams, or epic dreams. Such dreams tend to be extremely vivid and stay with you for years to come. Share your experiences here.

My Early Visit To Home ~ My Strange Dream of Unknown Meaning

Postby Qulio » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:56 pm

Over the past weeks, I have been experiencing somewhat unusually vivid and more intense or emotional dreams, and they seem like they may have relevance and possibly significance to my waking life.

Probably the best example is one occurred a few nights ago when I went to my old town and neighborhood where I spent my most enjoyable years of my childhood before I moved about 4 and a half years ago. I am still in contact with most of my primary friends from this time, and I have been having heavy feelings of nostalgia which have made me distraught in my waking life. I have arranged to meet with these friends and to see them face to face after several years of not doing so, all ranging in time. In this specific dream, I had been walking through my old neighborhood, and I saw the old path at the end of the street which crossed into another adjacent neighborhood was. They were both sort of twin neighborhoods if you will, sharing similar names and structure. I also feel as if I should note that at the end of this path was the joint neighborhood pool where I share some of my most cherished and important memories from my childhood with old best friends, friends, and former enemies alike (although I only really had one because I have always had a very lighthearted personality) as well as that at one point, the path was known for containing snakes, but despite that I continually used the path, disregarding the probably false information. In both of these neighborhoods, I had many friends which I now envy my past self for, in the present only having a handful, the most genuine of which are maintained via the internet. Upon entering this path, something was noticeably different, the path ran next to a pond and under an overhang that had water dripping down it into the pond in large amounts. In real life, there really was a pond near the path, but it was much farther away and more green and swamp-looking (for a lack of a better word) than the strangely "mystic" clear water in the dream. After this incident, I tried contacting one of my friends through phone, telling them that I had came to visit early. He responded with that he and everyone else was busy, so making sudden plans would be troublesome. I am pretty forgetful so this part of the dream lacks in detail and is hazy as a result. After this conversation ended, the dream was over and I later woke up with my emotions strangely influenced but nonetheless more excited for the real get together in less than a month :) !

I post this mostly because I enjoy sharing my experiences with others, which is why I created an account in the first place ;) . The other reason I posted this was because I am not entirely sure of what to take from this dream. I have looked up several terms but I sense there may be a bigger picture.

Thanks for any responses :) !

(I also may or may not have accidentally posted this earlier under the wrong category... oops.)
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DM Lurker
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