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Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby TXGirl » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:44 am

I am new to this and I have been wanting to get my dreams interpreted. This has just been bothering me and I am scared. Hopefully I can get some input on what might be happening.

In my dreams my husband cheats on me. Sometimes right in front of me. He does not care that he is hurting me and sometimes he kisses this girl in front of me even though I am sobbing my eyes out and asking him to work on us. Example: one of the girls I see him with in my dream is a girl I met at a festival. In my dream he just pushes me aside and goes right to her and thats it. In one part of my dream, he gives me his wedding ring back. Then they walk away and thats it. I usually cry in my dream so much that I wake up. In my dreams its never the same woman either. I dont have them all the time, just from time to time. I believe he would never cheat on me. As much as I have trust issues, I know he would never hurt me like that. I think that the nights I have them is when he and I have a tiff about what ever or like last night I had one. The night before we were intimate and cuddled all night long, but last night he just turned his back and went to bed. When we were dating we were cuddlying all the time, never had doubts. But like last night, I just think to myself..."what did I do wrong for him to turn his back to me and not want to cuddle?" Okay, I understand that men dont cuddle as much and thats fine, but it was like I was not even there. Maybe I just put bad thoughts into my head and that is why I dream of them.

Re: Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby KevinMWK » Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:51 pm

Don't take this as an answer cuz im no person to tell you what this is

but from what I took in it sounds like maybe you aren't happy with your relationship(possibly in your subcontious)

or maybe you are jealous of other women he may look at?

Like I said I'm not a worker....that just what I would guess...but wait for somebody who actually knows what there doing before doing anything you might regret.

Re: Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby CAMPOSEDNA » Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:47 am


Re: Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby Brooke27 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:33 am

this is kind of like my dreams only mine are with my boyfriend. i also have really bad trust issues so that might have something to do with it. in a wierd way it makes me feel a little better to know im not the only one who has dreams like that!

Re: Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby koley » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:01 pm

I had dreams like this for the last few years and just recently found out he was actually cheating on me. I would have NEVER EVER EVER thought he was capable of such a horrible thing but he was and he did. I think I was subconciously worrying about it, seeing signs and then dreaming about it. These dreams are so disturbing because you wake up mad at them. Just because you have them doesn't necessarily mean it's happening but maybe you are worried about something. Good luck!


Postby angel2009 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:14 am


In my dream I was staying inside the apartment complex called “ Hawaiian Garden”, the one close to the over path on Oakland Park Blvd which was to my right. Inside the apartment, it was my dad and three of my uncles and a few of my aunties having church service in the apartment but it were my dad and uncles who were into the church service. One of my uncles was playing the piano and my dad and the rest of my uncle were behind him having fun and singing church songs. However, what stood out to me the most was what they were wearing which was a mint green silk suit, and under the suit they had on this gold vest, they were all matching. Later on, I was in a bedroom sitting on the floor. When my mom and a few of my aunties walked in the room getting ready to grab their purses because they was on their way to go to the hair store and when I looked out the window they were walking under the over-path . Then when I turned my head my uncle (by marriage)
walked in the room were I was at complaining to me and my other aunt that didn’t go about how horrible my auntie Angela was. I guess he thought she was cheating. Therefore, as I got up I saw a white looking bottle that one of my aunts must have left and then I saw a check on the dresser. This was not a regular paper check you rip out your checkbook this check was similar to a check you would win; meaning it was thick. However, the color of this check was a reddish-orange and it was addressed to Kim L. Banks for $82.00, and at the top of the check from who it was from had the last name, Black. Now in my dreams the first person that came to mind was Ms. Black, she is a woman that attends the same church my boyfriend attended. So I ran to go show Kevin, Kevin is my half-sister brother. I was bragging about the check to him while my aunt was in the room.
. . . . . . . .

Somehow, my dream then transitioned to this private multi-million dollar community with nothing but condominiums, and duplexes, which looked more as if it was located in a valley with trees and lakes, etc(all this was happening in the afternoon) during what seem to be the spring time. The only thing about this place was that this community was known to have porn films filmed in this location. In my dreams, I was inside one of the condominiums with two women one was Caucasian, the other one was Latino, and with this one guy, they were shooting a porn film so as they were shooting the film I left. Then I was inside another condominium with two other females and one male, at that time I was guessing a male was there. So I asked the Caucasian girl, who was wearing a short tight-fitted pink dress were the bathroom was. So as I was walking down the hall, I saw this room but the only thing I noticed was a wooden dresser by the door so as I was about to open
the drawer my boyfriend walked in the room…he was the other Guy.! The only weird thing about this was that in my dreams, it did not look like my boyfriend but I saw him as my boyfriend . the only difference was he was white, he wore a red shirt and black pants with short thick black hair. So I asked him what he was doing here. And all he did was just ignored me and walked pass me, opened the dresser and took out three white condoms. At that time it did not click in my head that he was about to have sex with one of the girls because my main concern was why he was here.

Then as I walked in the living room I saw the girl laying on the floor with my boyfriend grabbing both ends of here feet spread open and just as he was about to go in her I was crying urging him to stop! Looking aggravated, he backed away from her and I ran into a room and starred crying frantically. Then the other girl, not the one who he was going to have sex with. Walked in the room trying to calm me down telling me everything is going to be ok. I looked at her crying and said to her, “You know that saying, No man is worth your tears, and even the one that is worth it would never make you cry?” She replied yes then I said, “I thought he was worth it but I guess he wasn’t“. So then, I started crying again and she hugged me. When she hugged me I saw my boyfriend from the corner of the door, he was ease-dropping and heard what I said (remember: in my dreams I saw him as my boyfriend , it just didn’t look like him) so after that I saw him in
the other room pacing around pointing a gun to his head because he felt bad about what he did. So I yelled at he saying, “What are you doing, don’t kill yourself” but he was not listening to a word I say. Moreover, he kept pacing back and forward wanting to shot himself in his head. And then we you stopped in front of the door where I could see you, you looked at me as if you were going to shot me so I turned around and escaped out the window and started running through the forest but as I was running it was as if someone was watching what was happening the whole time because as I was running a man (it sound like it was coming from above me) was narrating what was happening saying, “as I was running through the forest her boyfriend killed two young ladies that was left in the house and one police was shot in the head.” So I still kept on running then the man that was narrating continued talking saying, “he has killed 7 people in pursuit
of me, trying to reach her” and then as I was running still trying to get away I ended up at another condo, it was big the building was grey and the door was like a blood red and it sat somewhat on a hill in front of a big beautiful lake surrounded by trees. Still trying to escape I open the front door hoping no one was there so I quietly closed the door where I was then standing in the living room and when I walked in the scenery of this place was breath-taking, the stairs was that of French stairs spiraling up to the top floor and when I looked up at the ceiling the polished grained wood spiraled together meeting in the center of the ceiling sort-of like a pyramid. Bringing my attention back to why I was here in the first place I continued walking through the living room trying to find a place to hide what seem like I was getting ready to enter into the den for some reason I looked down and saw what look like to be a old white man sitting in a chair
but the only thing I saw was his foot but it was red and extremely swollen (in my dreams I’ve notice a lot of colors, especially red).

So as soon as I noticed some one was here I quietly but quickly walked out the door, as soon as I closed the door to leave my boyfriend noticed me walking out the door panicking I did not know what to do. The next thing you know I was in the man front yard on the ground with the old man from the house on top of me! I was faced down in the ground but I was wrapped in my comforter also. As I tried to look up, because the man was still on top of me. I saw the polices who was chasing after my boyfriend because he killed those people trying to catch me getting ready to arrest him, but before they hand cuffed him my boyfriend yelled out, “I was over there, she is under that old man!” the old man responded, “No one else is over but me sir, I am just over here minding my own business” (The whole time I was wondering why is this old man trying to save my life, I don’t even know him.) So in his last attempt to try to prove the officers wrong the man
whispered in my ear telling me to stay down. So he lift up his hands showing the police that no was over here. So my boyfriend started to get upset and started yelling out the word “Deceive” but as he was yelling out he word in anger I can see the word but it was spelled in French. So thinking that my boyfriend was crazy they arrested him and took him away. The old man that protected me got up from on top of me and started speaking in Hebrew, and after listening to him speaking in anger and seeing the words come from his mouth I realized he was a survivor of the Holocaust. So the man directed me back in his house and asked me if I had somewhere to stay and I replied “No” so he told me to go upstairs to find a room to stay in. As I was about to walk upstairs I saw a bowl fill with shiny red and green apples as I was walking by. Then as I looked up, I saw a middle-age woman walking down the stairs getting ready to leave wearing a bright pink silk
short cut dress with matching purse with gold hair; my guess was that, that was his wife. So as she left her house she told her husband that she will be back in a few. And as she closed the door, I saw the girl that was back at the previous house I was at, the one who was hugging me when I was crying. She was beside me. (Remember: when I was running from my boyfriend earlier in my dream the narrator said that he shot the two girls that was back at the house) not realizing that she had died already she asked me wasn’t this a beautiful house and I agreed.

As I was talking to the girl, the old man cut me off reminding me that I suppose to be looking for a room to stay in. So as we were walking up the stairs the stairs was cut off, it was like you walk up a flight then you walk in semi-circle to walk up another flight of stair to lead you to the next floor. So somehow, we ended up at the top floor of the house but it was not a room, it was a gazebo. So as me and the other girl laid there I saw the book by William Shakespeare and started quoting lines from Romeo & Juliet. Then somehow we were back down stairs by the front door and felt some reason to look out the window and as we looked outside, we saw the old man wife on the other side of the lake with two other guys. (Remember: this place in my dreams was known for a place where porn film was done at) so as we saw what was happening, I started to feel bad for the old man because of how he protected me. So as I turned away the man said, you can start
setting up your room I am going to just go to look out the window for a few. Witnessing what we saw the girl and me frantically yelled out “Don’t Go Near That Window”. However, it was too late. The man saw what was happening and got up set. And the last thing he said to me before I woke up was, “Your friend is a cheater”
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Re: Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby chell1815 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:56 pm

I don't know how your relationship is. Just ask him, if you keep on having these dreams then something is not right with your relationship to be causing this. Maybe he's not doing things he use to, looking at other women all the time, or staying out late. Don't let those dreams stress you out. But if you feel like he's cheating ask him.

Re: Husband Cheating on Me in Dreams

Postby stellar808 » Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:38 pm

I think dreams are either fears or wishes. You're dealing with fears in a dream that is reoccurring. Loss of intimacy, loss of trust, and loss of commitment all tied together in the feelings we know as love. I think there are two ways to look at this dream. Either you fear the loss of this man or you deeply want to be free of this man and your dreamscapes are merely providing you with the scenarios with which you'd continued to find the last straw.

A lot of what you relate is about your ideas of how you believe your husband feels about you but little to say about how you feel about your husband. It's very heavily weighted on your image of yourself through his expressions of affection.

I think perhaps you place a great deal of trust in his ideation of you more than your trust in yourself. I think the dream is about a lack of self confidence and it is manifesting itself in a scenario where the lack of confidence is about someone you value. "Projection". Projecting the things you feel weak in yourself onto to someone else.
What you're seeing is his intimacy with other women and the suggestion of it ending your relationship. Perhaps the matter of trust in him is what need to be addressed. Perhaps some change in your relationship has caused a shift in interests or the relationship is moving into a different phase when the phase of being as it was in the past seems to be ending. Perhaps it is the change you fear and you feel this will end what you know and are comfortable with. Speak to him about the dreams if you have not. Talking about a dream can help ameliorate it.

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