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Cat's Pupils

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

Cat's Pupils

Postby Jery » Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:57 pm

I was in this dark tunnel wearing a black bathrobe and i had a strong sense of urgency like i was going to be late for something. I move onwards what seemed like an eternity i could see this greenish glow in front of me but it never got closer no matter how much distance i covered. I took a break to catch my breath and i wiped sweat off my brow but my hand hit the green light and it flashed a bright neon color and i was sitting in this room where it was very fancy looking with everything in purple and black. I had a funny feeling and noticed i was completely naked.

A woman who was naked as well came into the room and looked at me with a smirk on her face. I recognized it was Lydia from my dream a few days ago. She came over to me and put her hands on my face and touched her nose to mine which felt funny in the dream. I noticed her eyes were normal like a humans and she smelt a lot like lavender. She just looked at me warmly for a few more minutes and then got up making her way over to the door again. She stopped looked over her shoulder at me and told me to just wait a little longer that she had something VERY SPECIAL for me. She left the room and I glanced around again at the room and i noticed it was like a miniature apartment.

I started to feel a strong surge of warmth come over me and everything went black. In the darkness i could feel someones body against mine, a mans because i could feel the penis agains my ass and it went in. I was literally getting screwed in the dark but my mindset told me it was ok because i knew who it was but i couldn't see him. I felt arms around my stomach and chest and a bearded face against my neck i felt very comfortable during the session but he was very intense about it. It goes on for a few more moments and he finishes in me and i can feel him quiver. My emotions are a mixture of compassion embarrassment and relief as i kiss him in the dark. I feel myself blushing and tears are starting to go down my face as he says he loves me over and over between the kisses. I tell him I love him too and once i say it theres another flash of neon green light and i'm on a beach with a heavy dense fog surrounding the area. It's very quiet except for the splash of the waves. I feel a strong sense of loneliness and just sit down on the sand. I noticed I was wearing a black shirt and dark green shorts with black sandals.

A few moments go by and i feel the urge to look up and I can see Zach coming out of the ocean. I stand up and look at him with nothing but love. He smiles back at me and makes his way to me. He's wearing nothing but white shorts and a gold necklace with his symbol on it. I walk over to him and he pulls me in close to him holding me tight.

"God I've missed you so much baby. I've waited and waited for you. I thought you'd forgotten about me completely these past few years. " he looks into my eyes and I start to feel a very strong sense of shame befall on me.

I start to shiver and cry uncontrollably because i had forgotten him but i didn't want to tell him. I was so scared in the dream of losing him again I started to get away but he held me close and started to sooth me.

"It's ok if you had forgotten me baby. I understand that life does go on and we all change. I've changed a bit to be honest. But i'm still here for you. I'll always be here for you and nothing can ever change that Adam. I'll love you til the day I die. " he kisses me softly and looks back at me while I'm still sobbing. I felt so guilty for forgetting him in the dream that I was overwhelmed.

Eventually i calm down and he wipes the tears away from my eyes and hugs me again. I felt so safe and secure being held like that. I didn't want to go. But when I looked into his eyes i noticed that his had changed to red and had cats pupils. The scene changes so I'm looking from his point of view and I see myself but my eyes are green with cats pupils and Lydia is behind me smiling warmly and looking at me with cat pupils in her eyes as well.

"We can be together forever baby. I love you very much" he says and kisses me again.

After that my alarm woke me up. SO yeah very interesting dream
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