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My Long-time Crush

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

My Long-time Crush

Postby missmaybaskett » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:02 am

This dream featured one of my best friends and a man I've had a crush on for years. I remember something about him and I and I running around with torches. When you lit the torch and ran with it, the fire grew big and choppy. There was a crowd of people. I think we knew them. He was shirtless and wearing shorts, I was wearing a cropped white sweatshirt and leggings rolled up to my knees. It was nighttime but there were some lights that gave everything a dim orange glow. The ground was stone, but like, bricks- like in those Egyptian scenes, you know? And we were running. Full speed. Was I chasing him? He only looked back once. We were laughing the entire time. Not cackling, laughing. Like faries, or kids playing. I saw a small triangular pool with a fountain in the middle. We started to run under that fountain, along the edge of the pool. He jumped into the pool before we rounded the first corner. I can still picture his shape under the water. I reached in to try to help him get out, but secretly I wanted him to pull me in. And he did. I was still wearing all my clothes. I can remember still hearing him laugh under the water. We got out and stood under the fountain, still laughing. He was shivering. But I remember his smile, gleaming, and that's the clearest look I had at his face. We were both still laughing. I remember thinking "I should kiss him." I was afraid to but I leaned in anyway. I think he was surprised and didn't quite understand what was going on until the last second, when our lips met. He kissed me back. We fell backwards into the pool. I remember him floating above me and then we entangled ourselves in each other and kissed again. I remember the way the light dimly broke the surface of the water. Then I woke up.

This dream is kind of frustrating because I've recently been dating someone and the man I dreamed of isn't even a date-able option for me. He's never shown any signs of reciprocating my feelings. He's a very compassionate person and has always looked out for me, but never looked at me like that. I know this for a fact.

But this dream was intense. I'd never had a dream so clear like this before, especially when it comes to faces. I knew it was him not only because of his presence, but because I could see his face. I don't normally see faces in my dreams.

Is this just my own mind fantasizing about something, or is it fate trying to tell me to hold out for him?
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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My Long time Crush

Postby boicache » Wed Feb 06, 2019 12:38 am

95 of you probably don't have a clue who i am, i haven't been here in a long time, my own fault mostly, just wanted to say Hi to anyone who does happen to remember me and to anyone who doesn't, Hello to you too.
Dream Child
Dream Child
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