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My ex and i

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:13 pm
by Suzypoet
I dreamt my ex had too move in with me which is common because my mom takes a lot of people in but we had to cross this bridge yo get to the boat to our house and it was like those bridges from the movies where there long and narrow and you can fall and die except for it was 2 feet off the water so we kept falling in the water and trying again what i dont get is why we didnt swim anyways then my ex is at my house which is my grandmas house because i always dream im at her house even tho shes rarely there and he had a new girlfriend and they were like making out in his room in supposedly my house and i was trying to be friends with him but i was really jealous and they told me to piss off so i pissed off and then my mom was in the hall and she told me to leave him alone and i was pissed