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Dream about my girlfriend being with someone stronger

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:09 am
by winterdreamer
Hello friends, Last night I dreamed that I was in an area where there were 2 basketball courts adjacent to each other. On one lot there were many people who looked really strong, muscular, full of self confidence, etc. In the second lot there were people who looked thin, amateur in basketball, weak and lacking Confidence.

I remember that as a start I was in the basketball court with the thin, low-self-confidence people. I was afraid to play in the game and I had a self-confidence in myself that I was afraid to offer myself and play with.

I remember that later on I started playing with them and I was bad, I could not play well. A friend of mine sat in the second lot with the strong men who looked professional in basketball and full of self-confidence, and I saw that she was looking at me with a kind of sneer, because she saw how bad I was playing and how I resembled the rest of the people in the field of the weaker.

I saw that she was sitting next to a guy who looked really scary and muscular. I remember walking over to her and I saw that he was holding her hand and stroking her, and I remember that as soon as I saw that I froze and had nothing to say, I was afraid she preferred him because he was fuller and more confident Stronger and happier than I am.

I was afraid that if I told him something or tried to resist what he was doing to her, he would hit me and humiliate me in front of her and all his friends in the field, and it would be very embarrassing and sad for me.

I remember I picked up my girlfriend by force and started to run through fields and forests and buildings and I only remember that I held her up and ran without looking back. I do not remember the rest of the dream.

In the past, in reality, we were faced with more self-confident people than I did, for example when we talked snooker, and they looked much tougher and stronger than me, and they beat me easily in the snooker, and whenever I could not hit the stick with a ball,

My partner told me something like "Relax you look really stressed," and what she said just insulted me and made me more stressed out in reality. I've seen how she gets along with these guys in reality and communicates with them, and these are people I'm even afraid to get close to and communicate with because I'm considered a "geek" and insecure next to them.

What do you think?