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Family Home, Dining Table, Tablecloth, Family Outsider

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

Family Home, Dining Table, Tablecloth, Family Outsider

Postby Mr_Mind » Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:49 am

A recurring dream I have is that I enter my old family home and I hear a conversation in the dining room. I go in and it's my mom with a man we used to knew when I was a child. They (and the house) look like they did back at the time when we knew him.

They're either ignoring me or it's like I'm not there. She tells him that we want the large dining room table moved but it's too heavy. He lifts one end of the large dining table and moves it closer to the wall and into a corner of the dining room. My mom is pleased and he lifts the other end of the table, moving it closer to the wall also.

She gets her favorite tablecloth that we used only for holidays or special occasions and they unfold it and drape it on the table, but it doesn't look drape right as the table is almost against the wall and it doesn't cover the whole table properly.

He then tells her to get on the table, and she takes off her heels and does as he says, sitting on the edge of the table. He starts to move the table to another corner of the room with her still sitting on it and she moves closer to the center of the table to balance herself as he moves one end and then the other end to the new spot.

He tells her that it's better this way and she agrees with him. She starts to move slowly to the edge of the table and he tells her to stop, and she remains towards the center of the table.

My stress level increases throughout the dream because it's like I'm not there and I sense the situation is very weird and the sense is that I'm ignored, in the way, or not wanted/welcomed. It's also scary to me when he moves the table with her on it as I fear she might fall off and get hurt.

In real life, she was always very pushy, hard to please, & domineering, and in this situation she starts out normal but acts more and more uncharacteristically as the dream continues, making me more nervous. Some minor details change but it's the same events and the same key details.
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