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Dream about a girl

PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:01 pm
by bmack1986
So I had a dream about this girl...she has had her problems, such as borderline personality, in and out of psych ward, etc. we had a falling out awhile back, even though I helped her through those times

My dream began with us living right next to each other, like our bedrooms I mean..she was hanging out with another guy and she walked over to kinda taunt me. I walked back over and told the guy, ‘if she comes over here again, tell her no. My beef is with her, not you.’’ He was cool about it, and said he didn’t have a beef with me either. Meanwhile, the girl is acting immature, jumping up and down on the bed. After that, some other guy told me to hide. The girl supposedly had a weapon but I didn’t see it. Still, I hid under the bed.

I suppose this qualifies as a ‘chase’ dream but I was wondering what others think