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My ex told me about this dream with me in it

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:41 pm
by Naelliott34
My ex told me she had a dream with me in it. In this dream, she was dating an unknown “fat guy” (her words, I should note I have always been a rather slim person). The dream boyfriend lived with her. Apparently, I lived with her too, in one of the guest bedrooms of her house. She said I was being a “cocky, asshole” walking around in only a red robe, talking shit to both her and the dream boyfriend.

She asked what I thought it all could mean, I have tried looking into it, but it’s so specific that it’s hard to figure out. She also mentioned most other dreams are having sex with me(without the above-mentioned dream boyfriend)

Any ideas?

Some context: she has never seen me wear a robe, let alone a red one. I’m currently trying to reconcile with her, she is receptive at times and not at others. Things ended because I allowed my anxiety to get the best of me and had a full freak out one day. She told me tonight, she never knew she could love someone so much and hate them the same amount.