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Dream girlfriend murdered

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:34 pm
by Jakedreams
Want to start off by saying that I don't actually have a girlfriend irl but I did in the dream.

So the dream started out with me and a friend hangout out at this club that's under the sea (like in Bioshock). We were having some drinks and just enjoying ourselves when we met these two girls. We start to dance with them and talk a bit.

From there, the dream just jumps to the door of the girl's house being knocked on. I believe this happened several months after the club. At this point in the dream, I am in a 3rd person perspective of a man at the front door. I presume to open the door and see this man (still in 3rd person). It's her father and he hands me a bundle of mail. I walk back inside and walk to her room. She's on her bed and is face timing one of her friends. Back in first person of myself, she hands me her phone as I cuddle with her and we talk to her friend about something (?). She then hangs up, we proceed to have sex, and then I leave to either go to work or to go pick something up.

As I am headed back to her house, I travel through these underground road ways. The only thing was, these roadways were just dirt with white tarps over them. As I arrive at her house, there is a crashed helicopter in her front yard and her house is now in the middle of a forest. As I inspect the crashed helicopter, I find two dead men. I walk a little past the helicopter and there is an effigy of my dead girlfriend.

I call the cops sobbing and full of dread. I explained the scene but instead of saying it was from the crash, I said that "he" killed them. The cops never showed up to the scene so I hopped on a bicycle and rode into the underground roadways. This time, the roadways were all covered in blood; so much blood that the lights glowed read and the portions of visible dirt are black.

I never get a view of him but I felt like someone was chasing me. I was pedaling so hard but felt like he was getting closer and closer with every rotation of the pedals. Suddenly the tunnels were filled with lunatics from an insane asylum. They weren't attacking me though, just standing there. Then I turned a corner and there were police officers. They said that they would take care of them (the lunatics). A man took me away and hid me in a tube that had a button. He said to press it and the water outside would tell him if I was in danger.

Next thing I know, I am in 3rd person again but of myself this time. I jump out of the tube and shoot one of the officers. The lead officer said, "it was you wasn't it?" I said yes. Next thing I can remember is that there was another me, but this me was the real one that "loved" my girlfriend. I got angry when I saw that I was the one that killed her so I grabbed a gun and me and the evil me were in a shoot out.

That's the end of my dream. I woke up to my dog whining. When I woke up, I had the same sense of dread that I did in the dream. It felt like I actually lost someone I loved. I never have dreams and as far as I'm concerned, this is the most vivid and emotionally taxing dream I've ever had in my life. As I am writing this now, I feel the same feeling of dread. I can still picture the girls face and I feel those feelings I had for her in my dream even tho I have no clue who she is.

Sorry if this seemed a little all over the place. I tried to explain the dream in as much detail as I could, most of the stuff I remember are feelings and sights that are hard to explain over text.