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Recurring (but different) Missed Connection Dreams

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:21 am
by puffthesleepingdragon
Hello all! First time posting, joined because I have no idea what to make of this.

I've been having recurring, yet different dreams, each extremely detailed and extremely narrative, each with a similar structure; generally, I'll fall in love with someone I've known, often someone I haven't seen in years, we'll get together romantically (not sexually), and endure some sort of violent, traumatic, or otherwise disruptive event. For example, the first dream I had involved falling in love with this girl, getting into a relationship with her at a barbecue, then escorting/extracting us all from an alien invasion of some sort. The next night, it was a different girl, but we went on a lovely dinner/movie date that morphed into a supernatural outdoor survival experience. Many more nights of similar dreams have followed. The relationships have never felt physically motivated, nor have the dreams ever become sexual; about half the time, the girl is someone who I've had a crush on at some point in time, often from 5-10 years ago. Again, though, it's never someone I've seen remotely recently in real life.

Now, normally I'd think that this is reflective of something traumatic altering a relationship of mine in real life, but here's the catch: none of the events in the dreams feel traumatic, violent, or otherwise terrifying. Each time, I feel in control and relatively happy (if, in the moment, stressed) to have something interesting to do (maybe indicative of a hero complex? Don't think I have one of those, but I guess it's possible).

I've never really dreamed much, so it's incredibly shocking to remember all of these dreams in such vivid detail. There are a few different threads here, none of which I know how to analyze; any idea what these dreams could signify?

Any feedback, assistance, or even just well wishes are much appreciated;
Many thanks!
-Puff the Sleeping Dragon