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I don't know you, are you my boyfriend?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:59 pm
by carlyml
For a few month now every other week I would dream about a mysterious guy, usually he is tall, pale skin and black or dark hair, I wouldn't know if its the same guy in every dream but typically through the events of the dream I would learn he is my boyfriend, (I'm single and have never had a boyfriend in my life), everyone acts like is obvious and he tends to hug me, kiss me or hold my hand and even though I find it weird, even in the dream I don't understand how he could be my boyfriend, I just go along with it.

Yesterday I dream something similar, this time he was blonde, which strike me as odd because even in the dream I kinda knew I was in a dream and that he wasn't the typical guy, and supposedly someone I knew in real life but I have no idea who. I can't recall all the dream but the main idea was that we were talking and out of nowhere he decides he is my boyfriend and tells me so, I think its weird but accept it, the next day I'm about to go to a party with my friends and he arrives to pick me up, but his attitude is off, I feel like he doesn't really want to be my bf or maybe he forgot but when I ask him, "you're my bf?" he plainly states "yes" and takes my hand. Later on everyone is aware that we are a couple and some girls show me a picture asking me if its him but I can't recognize him. The dream end with me becoming stressed and anxious thinking that maybe I made everything up because even if we spent all that time together he won't act like a bf or even someone caring, so I give him a peck on the lips and wait for his reaction, he smiles and asks why I did that, so I explain and he tells me that it was because we were surrounded by to many people before and gives me another kiss.

I find weird is the concept of having a bf and not knowing, in some dreams I've been told we were dating for years, in others no one knew about him, sometimes when I ask why he I don't remember him he says that its because its not time yet for me to know. I can't tell what this time of dream can mean, if it just my subconscious (which would be weird because I don't want a relationship right now) or maybe its a prediction...Idk, please someone help me! :? :?:

Re: I don't know you, are you my boyfriend?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:39 pm
by TenderLC
You are trying them on for ''size" like you would on any shopping excursion. You are not deciding in the dream or out of it to have a BF, but you are still trying to find out what it might be like to have one. And yet you have no apparent experience to build from in making the experiences in the dream. It seems as if things just happen to you. The guy in the dream who did not seem so nice may have been angry that you did not respond with any emotions or acknowledgement as you were questioning the whole experience from the start. but that too is your own projection as you make the dream from your subconscious mind.
This is actually a common type of dream for people who are confronted with the notion or need concerning partners, whether or not they have one in real life. The conflict in your dream is the "insistence" of the so-called BF and those around you against your own lack of desire. The BF is like an inner alter-ego that is pressing to get real while you resist and question. The idea that might clarify things of this nature would be to go on one of those dating exercises where you talk to the other participants for no more than a minute or two, then cycle to the next person and talk again for one or two minutes, until all have been interviewed. It would give you a little insight into your feelings and whatever they seem too offer on their side. best wishes, I hope this helps.